Encaustic Workshops-Let’s Get Waxed!

lets get waxed 7 1920

Let’s Get Waxed! 

The studio (aka the beast of a pole barn) is slowly beginning to take shape! I am keeping my fingers crossed for getting an Encaustic Workshop together for September/October 2016. The exciting part is that this space is heated-which means year round possibilities!! Once the space is good to go I will get a more regular schedule planned  as well as smaller workshops with more focused instruction to develop specific techniques in the coming months.

So, what about these workshops?

These encaustic workshops are designed to be casual and fun! All levels of artist are welcomed and we have even had self proclaimed non-artists create wonderful pieces and have a great time as well. They range anywhere from just an evening (called Hotflashes) to focus on a specific technique to 3 day events that cover the basics of safety, tools-even a little history- and provide guided instruction, delicious lunches, snacks and the occasional happy hour!

Questions?? Use the contact me form at the end of this post and I will be happy to answer them!


Can’t wait to get waxed with you!!