If you have landed on this page from Let’s Get Waxed you are in the right place!  As studio progress takes place I will be updating you with what’s new and what to expect.  I hope to be able to get in a couple of fun creative experiences once we get it all spit polished and ready for visitors!

If you have landed here out of curiosity the same goes for you! I am so glad you took a minute to check it out.  I recently consolidated my websites in an effort to simplify life. Once the studio ( I need to name this thing) is finished you can look forward to encaustic workshops, creative experiences, retreats and other fun gatherings all accompanied by signature cocktails, treats and great fellowship with other creatives.  I hope you check back and please sign up for blog updates! You can also contact me below with any questions or workshop requests ’cause I love to chat with folks and find fun new things to do…