I should be doing so many things; writing, working, spring cleaning and more writing.  Yet, here I am surfing blogs looking for new ideas, hitting Facebook and setting up a new Twitter account!  Not very productive–blrg.  I am wallowing in technology attention deficit disorder and being completely distracted.  Why is it that when I most need to focus on projects that are necessary and good I am so easily pulled away by the sparkle and glitter of my computer screen and the promise of beautiful images, new and exciting ideas and the potential of landing a bargain??  This being said, I am ranting on my blog page and avoiding all the things I should be doing….curses, foiled again!


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Hey Howdy!

I am exhilarated and relieved and sad all at the same time right now.  I had the first performance of the Ironing Board Project last night and 3 years of planning, doing and dreaming all came together in a 25 minute performance and just like that…it is done.   I am so happy yet I am feeling a mild sense of loss that this part is finished!  I thought I would be so glad to have it all done that it would be no big deal but that isn’t the case. 

I do plan on trying to find other venues for the IBP but that first time experience cannot be relived which is sad but true.  This being said, as first time experiences go, this was a standout amongst firsts.  My anxiety of the day gave way to nerves in the moments leading up to the performance but once we began, well, it is hard to describe.  It was though this calm decended and I was in my own little world hearing only the creak of the boards, the mild hiss of steam as the iron touched the moistened fabrics, the flicking sound my fingers made when I sprinkled the water and the hollow sounding bounce of a clothespin on the wooden floor. 

I look forward to reviewing the video when we go to edit so I can experience it from the other side!  I will fill you in on more details later-for now I am off to work….