A little about me

If you are reading this it means you have landed on the ‘About Me’ page for my blog, And, Per Se And (formerly It’s So Worth It).  Welcome!  I am Susan Mulder, an artist, living in Michigan, who loves to create and who loves to write about life, art and everything in between.

I have received a lot of advice about blogging and about focus and about picking one thing and sticking to it-this is how you create a presence, an identity.  Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t going to work. My (personal) identity is about experiencing the amazing things that happen in life and it has been my experience that it is anything but singular-and that is fine by me.  If you want to return again and again to see the same idea this probably isn’t a blog you will enjoy, sorry about that.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy the unexpected then you may find something here you might like!

Life happens in so many different ways and while I like a certain amount of consistency (like a tidy living space, the same smile from someone special when I say something goofy, the comfort of a good book) I thrive on the unexpected joys and challenges of daily living. I am also not above talking about the real stuff that happens in life.  For me, to gloss over or not acknowledge that reality happens is disingenuous–these times add a richness to the human experience and can foster tremendous growth.

So, like I said before, I like to write about life, art and everything in between and what this means is that you will get a glimpse into my life, experiences, observations and art.  I write about faith, family, art, relationships, cooking, books and the list could go on.   I am an avid reader and love to write about what I am reading-especially if it impacts or changes how I see things.  I have food sensitivities so you may even find recipes or recommendations (and lots of yummy images).  I am also open to new ideas: Have a suggestion or a book /product you’d like me to review?-drop me an email at susanmulder(at)rocketmail(dot)com-who knows-I might be featuring your idea next!

I suppose knowing I have a Master’s in Painting, or that I have worked as an assistant Sushi chef (a little known fact), a non-profit developer, a curator (and more) is helpful but I am more than my CV and have decided to drop that part of the about me.  If you want to know more about that part of my life please stop by http://www.susanmulder.com and you can see my artwork and find my CV as well.

Before I forget, along the sidebar you will find various buttons that can take you to some really great spots!  Take a minute to check these out-you will find artists, writers, innovators as well as cool projects, great products and wonderful individuals-if you stop by please let them know I sent you!

Thanks for visiting-I hope you discover something that is So Worth It while you are here!


3 Replies to “A little about me”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Hope you find a studio soon! i’m still setting up in a small room of our apartment, maybe will look to share as my space is small too. We still don’t have internet at home – i’ll be more active on-line once we get it.

    I have a dilemma about my blog: someone I know has copied the idea for my project and is planning to exhibit in Singapore before we do (we’re waiting to hear if we’re accepted into the Fringe festival). Do you think I should reduce what is written about the project on the blog and say people can contact me for more info? I knew it was a risk putting such a lot of info on the blog but didn’t think that someone I know would steal the idea. It was a bit of a shock when I found out last week.

    Also, I’m trying to keep the blog as a project from three of us rather than personal blog but am running out ideas as to what to write to keep it interesting.

    Happy studio and job hunting – wendy

  2. Susan, it was such a lovely Monday to log on and receive your kind comments about my artwork. Of course, I immediately discovered your blog and am absolutely intrigued by your ironing project. Lets keep in touch.

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