Brave Beauty for your girls…and a Giveaway!

Brave Beauty, by Lynn Cowell

Right now my world is little girls. Frankly? I love every second of it! My girls happen to be grand daughters and while they may not be with me all the time I want to make each moment count. They are still young but it is never too early to begin growing their knowledge and understanding of their significance in Christ. I am always on the lookout for ways that I can do that so when I found this book of devotions I wanted to check it out.

Brave Beauty Finding the Fearless You, by Lynn Cowell (Proverbs 31 Ministries), is filled with one hundred devotions geared toward the ‘tween’ years. This is a pivotal stage in a girls development and Lynn has provided a thoughtful, sweet devotional to support, encourage, and empower young girls as they navigate the in-between years. Years when they begin to develop deeper relationships outside the protective net of family and where choices, decisions, and friendships begin to have a deeper impact in their lives.


Spending time with your daughter/s, grand daughter/s or nieces is so important and spending time in the word with them is a gift they will never outgrow. We can do this from the time they are babies but as they grow, helping them learn to spend time with God on their own can be a challenge-though one well worth our attention. The encouraging devotions in Brave Beauty reinforce the value each of our girls has in Christ and she will be reminded that she is brave, beautiful (in a way far more significant than the worldly definition), strong, and-above all- loved, deeply and wholly by God.

With Christmas just around the corner this would make a great gift for the tweens in your life-daughter, grand daughter, niece, neighbor, Sunday school class-you name it! You can find Brave Beauty at Amazon (hardback AND Kindle!), Barnes and Noble, Proverbs 31 and at your favorite online book retailer.

I know there are a lot of you out there with girls of your own and I want them to have a copy of Brave Beauty, Finding the Fearless You!! I will be giving a copy away over on my Instagram account (thatsmesusanmulder) so hop over there and check for the book image.

A big thank you to BlogAbout Bloggers Network, the Blythe Daniel Agency and ZonderKidz for providing review and giveaway copies of Brave Beauty! As always, my views are my own. I believe life is too short to waste your time or mine so I only post the good stuff.  I am not paid for my reviews or endorsements but did receive a copy of the book in return for my words.