An Itty Bitty Book Review (Bible Basics, a Baby Believer Counting Primer) AND a Giveaway!!


This is so fun! I do book reviews here and there and all of them have been for the more mature crowd-this time I get to share about a sweet little children’s book that I love!  Bible Basics, A Baby Believer Counting Primer by Danielle Hitchen with art by Jessica Blanchard is an easy to read, beautifully illustrated introduction to understanding the bible its truths.

I have grand babies ranging in age from one to four and the concepts presented in Bible Basics are easily adaptable to their individual attention spans and levels of understanding. For the older kiddos the book introduces them to scripture, the nature of Jesus, the Trinity, the Beatitudes, and more in bite size chunks that invite deeper conversation. For the younger ones, the numbered topics, 1-10, can hold their attention with the beautiful illustrations and helps familiarize them with the Bible and will grow with their ability to understand the material. This is also a generously, sturdy board book great for little hands and will be long lasting.

Denise HItchen has written one of the most creatively presented and well done early Bible catechism books I have come across! Hitchen’s approach to offering solid biblical truths doesn’t over simplify but is straight forward, giving just the right amount of information.  I appreciate children’s books that don’t talk down to children or underestimate their ability to grasp more complex ideas. Bible Basics delivers great content partnered with wonderful illustrations that make this book a pleasure to enjoy for all ages!

Because I love this little book so much, I am going to do a give away!  It’s easy-peasy and it’s going to be a quick one!  I will pick a winner on Saturday, April 8, 2017 and pop it in the mail so(hopefully!) you can get it in time to add to your little ones Easter basket! Simply leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Easter memory and you’ll be entered! I will be running this over on my Instagram account too (thatsmesusanmulder) and if you pop over there, like the post, and leave a comment you’ll get an extra entry-just make sure you let me know you have commented over here too :)!!

As with all my reviews-I only want the good stuff out there and do my best to bring you the best books. My views are my own and I am not paid for my words. I would like to thank Catachesis Books and BlogAbout for  generously providing review and giveaway copies of Bible Basics, A Baby Believer Counting Primer

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  1. Even if I don’t win I will put this on a gift wishlist we have! Sounds wonderful!

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