What can one person do?

I’m not even sure where to begin; maybe it was the night a couple of weeks back when I, literally, could not sleep or, perhaps, it’s the restless feeling that has been dogging me for months.  I watch the news, I weep reading articles about refugees, victims of war, tragedy and I feel helpless-at a loss as I sit here preparing for a celebratory season they will not see. I have paced and prayed, wondering what I could possibly do. What can one person do? With the end of the year at hand our donations have been earmarked and without an extra income there is little extra to play with.

All I know is that I have to do something, but what? I am a maker and artist. I paint, write, build and create-it is how and who I was made to be. It is what I can bring to the table. But, for what good? On one of those nights where sleep was nowhere to be found and prayers fought for control of my wandering mind, an idea began to form. What can I do with what I have?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Preemptive Love Coalition but they are an organization doing great work and here is a mission quote from their website-click through to learn more…

Preemptive Love is a global movement of peacemakers changing the way we engage the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love.

I have been drawn to their mission and website many times and my heart keeps longing to help in some way. When I read an article about a young woman who had been given a sewing machine so that she could earn an income to provide for her family I knew what I had to do. You see, there was a quote from her that went right to the core of me:

“When I sew, I forget myself. I forget my sorrow.”

She is me. When I create, the world drops away and I know what that feels like. It is a form of freedom. I knew that this was what I wanted to give-I want more women to have that feeling too. But how?

Do what you can with what you have.

So, here’s the challenge. I want to provide at least one sewing kit from Preemptive Love’s 2016 Gift Catalog. In order to do this I am asking you to partner with me. I have decided to create a limited number of Candle Blocks to sell for this project and here’s the story…

I make candle holders from cast off wood; the junky, dirty pieces that no one waimg_6015nts. I see a redemption story in each piece I create. I work with what I
have and seldom know what I will end up with other than something that is simple and reclaimed for good. I like to see Christ’s story for our lives in the way each piece evolves. It begins with the wood-dirt, knots, splits, warps and all. Then, with a little work and a lot of care something new is created.  I make other things with wood but these are my favorite.

They are one of a kind, simple, minimal and since I love candles they are the perfect combination. I have given them as gifts, made a variety of sizes for weddings but have never chosen to market them-up to this point. I like to have a reason, a purpose, for taking that step and this is it.  What I want to do is sell single candle blocks to raise funds to buy at least one sewing kit but if there is enough interest I
will try to buy two or more.

Each unique** candle block sells for $20.00 (includes shipping) with img_6011100% of the profit
going towards the purchase of the kits. Each Sewing Kit is 150.00 and if I sell 10 blocks I can cover my expenses (drill bits, sandpaper and shipping cost over-runs) and have enough to purchase a kit. With each additional 10 blocks sold it’s another kit and any leftover funds will either purchase another aid item or become a donation. This will be a limited edition run of 30. When those are sold that will be it for this year and until I can get my hands on more wood (see ** note at end of post for info on advent set pricing as well as the unique nature of the blocks)

Here’s the deal though, I have to sell at least 10. If I
24040set1 don’t meet that number I won’t go forward-if the first goal of 10 is met I’ll give away a copy of Kris Camealy’s Advent book, Come, Lord Jesus the Weight of Waiting in one of the orders.  If the full lot of 30 sells I will give away a set of LOVE letterpress blocks from Dayspring in an order. (these giveaways are only my way of saying thank you and are not affiliated with any organization or  individual other than little ole me.)

That’s it. No fancy campaign, no snazzy marketing materials. Just me, wanting to make a difference by making simple wooden candle holders. Think you can join me?  Need an extra gift or two for Christmas? Any order placed and paid for by December 7, 2016 will ship December 12 and should still make it in time for Christmas. If it is a gift, I’ll even wrap it (make sure to let me know)!

Interested? Leave a comment with an email and I will invoice you via PayPal. Once the invoice is paid I will get your block made and shipped!  I will close comments once the limit has been met.

Thank you in advance and remember each time you light one of these candles…

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Advent arrangement of Candle Blocks. Figures NOT included

**Just a note, these are each individual in nature and I cannot guarantee a certain type of wood, exact size or color. The only exemption would be sets-any one requesting 5 for an advent grouping-I will do my best to provide matching blocks and advent sets will be buy 4 get one free.  By ordering you agree to accept the unique nature of each of these holders.



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