#RhythmsOfRest and a little birthday celebration…

Rhythms of Rest

Normally, I do my book reviews over here but today is a special day for my friend, Shelly Miller.  Her book, Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World, officially launches today and I wanted to celebrate too!  She is doing a ton of giveaways so make sure you stop in (click on links above)and say hi!

I found Shelly when I came across the Sabbath Society community and began following along. The concept of rest is a challenging one and to find deeply soul satisfying rest felt almost impossible in my life. Shelly’s weekly letters helped redirect some of my misunderstandings about rest and Sabbath-and, by the way, if  you respond to her emails she really does read them AND will write back! Shelly has been such a gift in my life and that’s why I am so excited about her new book.

Finding a few moments in a day to rest is tough, let alone an entire day. The concept of Sabbath has been wrought with struggle for as long as Sabbath has been around. Established by God and designed as a way to regenerate-or rest-at the completion of creation, He gifted it to us knowing it would be good and necessary. He didn’t create it as a way to frustrate us or add another list of commands to follow-he created it so we could rest. Plain and simple.


In Rhythms of Rest, Shelly Miller reminds us that “Sabbath isn’t an allowance for rest when the dishes are done, projects are complete, or when your volunteerism is on hiatus”. Sabbath is an invitation to enter into a space that is holy and consecrated; a time set apart for us to reconnect with our creator. God longs for us to spend time with him, not just in the halls of church, but in his very presence.

Miller unpacks Sabbath in a way that makes it more accessible, attainable and realistic. Rhythms of Rest isn’t a laundry list of things you have to complete in order to rest; it is a guidebook through the quagmire of expectations in order that you may find Sabbath in unexpected ways as well as in well thought out preparation. Shelly Miller has created a wonderful book that will be a resource for your Sabbath journey, not just today, but for years to come.

I encourage you to grab a copy and carve out some time to begin a fresh journey with Sabbath rest. You can find a copy at most online retailers-and Amazon can have it to you lickety split! If you want it faster then grab your Kindle and you can be reading it quicker than you can grab a cup of tea!

Congrats to Shelly-so excited for her and so grateful to have been on the launch team for such a wonderful book!!

(A little housekeeping…as always, with my reviews, I believe that life is way too short to waste it on things that don’t make the world around you better so I seldom post a negative review. Honest? Yes, because I don’t want to waste my time or yours. I did receive a pre-publication copy of Rhythms of Rest but I receive no compensation for my reviews)