I had an entire post prepared to talk about pumpkins…and fall…and all the feels of fall but I just couldn’t post it. I am sitting here weeping (I have been doing a lot of crying lately but God has been doing a lot of work lately too). I was part of a conversation dealing with hopes and dreams and I felt shattered. I have been in a long season of waiting and God is calling me into something that both terrifies me and excites me. I am so afraid of failing, so afraid of real vulnerability that to give voice to whatever if is leaves me speechless and quaking. I decided to resurrect this post because this was my flag in the sand moment and in the midst of all the feels, I am reminded of Gods faithfulness to complete his work in us…

And, Per Se And

I have a confession-one no blogger would admit to if they were worth their salt. Well, salty or not, I have never picked a “word”. I have never pondered what one thing I would like to track my year with or one word that would hold me accountable to doing amazing feats of blogness. I think it mostly boils down to the fact that I don’t do resolutions-at least not seriously. I am too ADD for that! What sounds good today may not be what is going to rock my socks next month and (after learning from experience) I know that it is easier to avoid resolutions than it is to admit to bottoming out on them. This year is different.

I can’t say I picked a word, per se, it is more of a phrase. And, I didn’t pick it-it picked me, back in November. It has stuck so…

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