So, it’s so not happening….

Yeah, so it is pretty clear that I have completely bailed on  this years 31 days. I had high hopes but knew there were going to be challenges and I suppose the challenges won!  And, I am so OK with that. I am not going to beat myself up or feel like I failed just because I can’t keep up with the big kids.  Someday I will be able to do that but for now the interruptions and imperfections of life are filling my world with beauty, purpose and the bounty of the fall season.

I think I was also challenged with the material I had decided to attack and found that I just didn’t need to be dredging up certain things that I thought I was ready to tackle.  It’s all still in there but I have discovered that while my past is deeply affective in my life-it is no longer how I define myself. It is the lessons I have gleaned from many of those experiences that have been essential in the formation of my faith, how I deal with people and how I interact with my family. Well learned lessons, though hard, I cannot separate myself from the experiences or impact but I can choose what to focus on and I find that the future holds so much more promise (and good material!) for what I would like to share along the way.

Which means, for now, that I don’t know what to write about-at least not on this blog. And, for now.  True confessions… I am watching my guilty pleasure-Sex and the City reruns, making plans and I am pretty sure that there may be a glass of wine later to help with the reevaluation process.

For those who have been following along-I do feel like I owe you and apology but more than that I would love to hear directly from you as to what you would like to see/hear more of. I don’t want to waste readers time and while I desire to keep it simple and keep it real. Let me know!

Until then!



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  1. I’ve taken these challenges before— and midstream stop to re-evaluate. Nothing wrong with that! I’m enjoying reading here. Whether you write daily for 31-days is your choice. I have more than enough to read in your archives! What I’ve read so far has given me great encouragement. I love you candor and your writing style. I’ll continue to flood your comments box!

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