We had the privilege of attending the wedding of a sweet couple this last weekend in Virginia. There is such joy and beauty being present at a union filled with grace, redemption and happiness. It was an honor and one heck of a memory maker!

As an auntie I was offered one of the lovely centerpieces to take home as a memento. I am proud to say that it is on display in my home filled with dried grasses and jam packed with meaning and purpose.  This couple has a soft place in their hearts for the southwest and this influenced their wedding in color and theme and an extra special touch which were the Olla’s (pronounced OH-yah) on each table filled with fresh flowers. I wish I had taken a picture but this was one of the few times I was without my phone-which ended up being great because I was fully present for the event but (sigh) not a picture to look back on-which could also mean there is no proof of anything either 😉

Olla’s are “a handmade terracotta clay pot used as an ancient method of drip irrigation for container gardening or ground applications.”*  These unglazed pots are buried in the ground with their necks just above the surface. They are filled with water and covered with a rock to reduce evaporation.   With the body below ground, the water gradually seeps out of the unglazed terracotta and provides irrigation to plants from the roots growing close to the container. There are several reasons it is so cool that this couple chose to use Olla’s to help celebrate their marriage. The sale of these Olla’s benefit East Central Ministries in Albuquerque, NM-an organization dedicated to the mission of Christ and “justice and compassion”* in their community(Please click on the links to learn more about their great work and maybe pick up an Olla!!). Another reason is what the Olla  can represent by how it works.

The pot is buried-literally up to its neck-and does its most essential and important work below the surface to ensure the health of the plants it nurtures.  I can never be accused of under-thinking anything soooo, as I look at the Olla on my shelf I see God’s fingerprints all over it.


My olla is a little lopsided, slightly pocked and absolutely perfect in its own little way. In fact, this little pot is a lot like I am-literally and figuratively! I am far from perfect but if I remember to fill that hollow spot in the middle with the word of God, that living water that sustains, I am able to nourish not only myself but those around me. By keeping that reservoir filled I am able to fulfill my purpose and though it may be behind the scenes, out of the spotlight and sometimes only in my own home it is right and good. The key is keeping it filled-because left unattended it will harden and even begin to disintegrate.

When my path has taken me too far from God, when I have allowed that reservoir to run low, my heart-very like an unattended olla, hardens and cracks and I am no longer useful in the way I was meant to be. So today, Lord, I pray to be filled with the quenching water of your love, of your life, so that I may fulfill my purpose and share it with all those I meet.

I realize that this is a departure from my Write 31 Days series but I never promised I would be good at consistency!  This was on my mind and I felt prodded to share 🙂 Sharing my story is new territory and the hard bits can get, well, a bit hard to share!  This is a part of my story too and way more fun to write!

May your olla be filled today in new and beautiful ways!

*This info was taken from the East Central Ministries website. I am not affiliated with this organization nor did I receive anything for my endorsement.


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