WHAAAAAATTTT? It’s been how long??

OK, so, I have had a busy last few months (translate year) and have had my hand in a variety of projects (translate repainting an entire house, downsizing and trying to write and create in a relative vacuum-which reminds me I need to vacuum but what else is new?).  I think I had myself convinced that I was staying on top of my blog. I mean really, I have been posting book reviews (you can check those out on the What’s on my Bookshelf tab) and doing some interviews for my website (That’s Me, Susan Mulder) and spending time on Instagram (thatsmesusanmulder) which should all become, via osmosis, remarkable and noteworthy blog posts! Am I right? That would be a no.

Without sounding like I am making excuses-in the middle of all this I have had some personal issues going on as well as the continual angst associated with any publicly creative pursuit.  Maybe I am just lazy-who knows but somewhere amidst my juggling I dropped the blogging ball. Insert head in hand emoticon here. So, I just figured it was time to dust off my bloffing, I mean blogging, keyboard and say ‘Hey, Y’all!’

I am still kickin’ and writing and creating and always looking for new things to keep me busy (hey, if anyone needs any book or product reviews-especially bubbly related-I’m your gal…call me, text me, blog me….).  I am also on a journey of the figuring out what I want to do when I grow up kind-which at fifty has turned out to be a little unexpected to say the least.  I thought once we reached a ‘certain age’ one wouldn’t have to struggle with these kinds of existential crises. Side note- ‘certain age’ is always mentioned here with one eyebrow cocked and a smirk because a former employer used this term with me-as in ‘women of a certain age’ in the middle of a sentence. That young whipper snapper was only allowed to use that turn of phrase ONCE in my presence and I’ll leave it there.

Finding a new home has meant some biiiiiiiggggg changes-location being the least of these. One of the biggest was realizing that we had just way. too, much. stuff.  We found the perfect place-and it is perfectly smaller and I need to off load a butt load of ‘stuff’…Which can be complicated!   You think you aren’t attached to your stuff until you have to give it away and then suddenly your stuff looks different-like that note from your son’s teacher to remind you of a field trip (20 years ago) becomes precious. And, have you ever noticed that your stuff is way more valuable or desirable than your spouses stuff? I mean, seriously, that t-shirt (that looks like it will fit a ten year old girl) that he got 30 years ago at some concert deserves a place in our new home? Like, no.  Can you say conflict?  Anyway-that and more are for a future post. For now, here is  a little comic relief George Carlin style (language warning-if you are easily offended please don’t click play 😉 )

Happy day to you and may the packing boxes be ever in your….well, that clearly doesn’t work.  Happy day anyway!


5 Replies to “WHAAAAAATTTT? It’s been how long??”

  1. I won free tickets to see George…I was 12 or so…Mom and Dad took me and a friend. I didn’t think I’d ever be allowed to a concert again 😀 I’ve been clearing out STUFF too…memories…

  2. I can relate. Really. I don’t think I have blogged in…. Omg. Years now. Life has been kicking my ass toward the door to my downward-dog-sanctuary. The abyss. Grand-babies, surgeries, life-changing, energy-sucking-home-sabataging, havoc-wreaking life. It’s kicking my ass- turning me rapidly into the “mom-grandma-goodwife” being that I love and hate t the same time. Creativity-sucking, artist-destroying beings/battles abound. I am woman – hear me bitch while I am cooking and cleaning for you. I am woman first, and artist, second. My own fault, I can admit. But my studio being buried underneath the remnants of the “other, regular human entity I must be to my family” – kills me. I am most creative, artistically-starved when it’s the most impossible, inappropriate time (for others). You are most awesome, Susan Mulder. Keep working toward you dreams. You, my beautiful (and still not old’) friend, are what us struggling artists want to be- confident, successful, and touched with life’s truth. Miss talking to you, mama. Call me one of your “off” days”. Miss you.

    1. KELLY! What a treat to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and right back at ya ;). I am finding that my priorities in life are shifting on almost a daily basis. My family has always been central-and will remain that way-but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with the old wants, desires, and ‘what could have beens’ that steal from living and enjoying what’s in front of me. I still long for a ‘career’ doing what I love but the reality is different and I am learning to accept that. I hope you are well 😊 and that your family is too. Thanks for stopping by and wish we could kvetch over a cup of tea like old times!

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