A Little Church Thinkin’

I sat and listened to a long list of names being recited and I did what comes naturally to me…I kind of checked out and drifted off on my own little tangent.  I started thinking about when we celebrate Christmas and why we celebrate it when we do. Somewhere back in the fourth century it was decided that December 25 would the perfect day to mark the birth of Christ. Most likely because it is too hot in August for hot chocolate and yule log burning.  As it stands, at the close of each year we celebrate a beginning.

I love that. The more I think about it the more I love the idea that in the deep dark cold of winter, at the very end of a very long year-we get to celebrate a beginning. And, not just any beginning-THE beginning. I checked back into the sermon and the pastor was still going on about genealogy so I went back to my mental walk about.

Endings-which can be life altering-are, in fact, beginnings. Transitions from one grade to the next, graduating from high school, graduating from college, marriages, divorces, births and even death mark the end of something and a step into something new. Celebrating Christ, the beginning of all things new comes at the dirty, dusty, harried end of the year somehow seems right to me now.

Maybe its because I am moving further along that dirty, dusty harried path of life that I am beginning to understand more, maybe it’s just because my mind was wandering during another genealogy sermon-whatever the reason something clicked and I got it. Instead of marching stolidly on dreading changes and impending endings these are all really reasons to celebrate-the party is just on the other side of all the pain!

I think that is pretty darn cool.