Yes, this is happening…don’t judge

Yup, just as promised, here is a basic project from my DIY Type review.  The premise for even doing the project was to make something for the holidays using only what I had on hand-which means there’s no glitter, no unusual materials and minimal prep. So, hang on-here we go and JSYK, as a side note, this is my first and possibly last craft tutorial on the blog….

After fully dismantling DIY Type-which was oddly satisfying and un-nerving at the same time (seemed a bit of a crime to ‘off’ a book)-I gathered up my supplies and pondered what to do. Simplicity and brevity-two things that work in writing, speaking and crafting (I made that up but it works) were the criteria. Did I mention that this will be basic-and, I should warn you that tutorials aren’t my thing so this will be perfectly imperfect and hopefully not too painful.


The black paper I used is from the book itself-when I took it apart these pages were begging to live on so I obliged. I added brown craft paper and because the world didn’t implode when I took one book apart I decided to take another one apart as well.  I have plans for most of this new book but that’s for another time.  Here is a peek at the finished product and then I’ll show you the in betweens…


Like I said-not too fancy but it will do!  If you are the listy type this next pic is for you.  Aside from trying to organize the process so I could post, I pretty much winged my way through the project-didn’t measure (didn’t even have a ruler, just used book pages) and didn’t know what I would end up with until I was finished 😉


OK, here’s the nuts and bolts of the project-and it can’t get much easier than this!


I settled on my word and outlined the letters in a white chalkboard pen and then embellished using the cool designs from the cover.  I used gold for the design but this would be cool in glitter or another color. Next, I decided how I was going to lay it all out and since I was now comfortable dismantling book I decided to attack the other one!  I threw the craft paper on the back to tie it all together.  Notice that they don’t even line up at the top? No biggie because all I did was sew them together and fold this over so you don’t see it anyway. One thing to remember is to leave a channel when you sew the sections together so that you can run the hanging string through. You can skip this step all together by using a hole punch and simply tying the pieces together-which would be cute but since I don’t have a hole punch on hand I didn’t use one…


With this part done I thought it needed a little something else and decided to add some tassels to add some pizzazz (I think that’s a crafty word, right?)


I wrapped the butchers twine about twelve times around my fingers-just until it looked like I would have a nice full little tassel. This takes me back to school big time!


Next, I ran a piece of the twine through the top of the loop and tied it to secure the top of the tassel as well as serve as a way to tie the tassel to the banner.  I was going to say tie one on but trying to keep it classy…


Taking another length of twine I tied it close to the top to make the head of the tassel.  The last step is to trim the bottom to the length you want for your finished tassel.


There! One cute little tassel-I did two but feel free to add as many as you want!  In fact, I think an entire string of these would be pretty darn cute.  Now all that’s left to do is assemble the pieces and you have a banner…


A little plain but I’m OK with that since we are keeping things pretty bare bones this year.  I will certainly use these stencils for more projects-think birthday banners and posters, other holiday fun and probably in some of my artwork like this oldie-


Who knows, maybe I’ll even start to post craft projects more often!! Ummm, that would be a no. This was fun but I will leave it to the experts to do that but I still love this book and the potential for some fun stuff down the road!

As always, I was not paid for this project or the previous post-this was done as part of  Blogging for Books . I love all kinds of books and love sharing what I am up to. I have received no other compensation from any organization or person mentioned in this post.

And, I guess you can’t end a craft tutorial without adding ‘happy crafting’…yeah, sorry about that…



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