About to go all crafty on ya’…

OK, some of you know that I am sitting in a temporary place (i.e. beige condo with beige everything) without the comforts of home and studio. You will also know that I get super bored pretty quick and short of starting to count the cracks in the tub grout I am always on the hunt to try new things.  Another pitfall of having all your stuff stored away is, well, that it is all in storage-which means my holiday decorating will be incredibly limited. I think I may have found a way to take out the proverbial two birds with one stone on this one!

To add to the mix I am a bit of a bibliophile and while I may not be willing to go out and drop a stack of cash for all new holiday deco I have been known to go volunteer at the library book store and come home with an armload of books!  In an effort to limit my hub’s eye rolling when it comes to this affliction I found a site called Blogging for Books. Not only are they my new best friends, I am looking forward to blogging about books AND the projects that may come from said books! Yay!

First up is D.I.Y. Type by the talented Dana Tanamachi. The second I saw this book on the roster I knew I had to give it a go!  Typography is something I love but I’ve never been able to make my attempts look professional and polished so the idea of stencils sounded like just the ticket.

type 1

The book itself is beautiful and being the book junkie I am it is hard for me to think about dismantling a book but  in this case you can’t enjoy it if you don’t destroy it!  I did read if first though 🙂 The author provides some great, simple DIY projects but I love how they are more suggestions than the step by step kind of DIY that leaves you with a project that will look like everyone else’s who has has the book.

crop 3crop 2

Tanamachi also showed great examples of materials and methods to try and I can’t wait to try as many as I can!  I mentioned that you need to destroy the book a bit to get the full benefit.  It helped that the stencils easily popped out of the book-you simply bend the page back and out they came. There are two full alphabets as well as decorative elements to add some fun touches to your projects.  True confession time-the cover is lovely and made of the same sturdy stock as the stencils…complete with cutouts…and I couldn’t resist cutting it off to add some of these lovely designs to my practice pieces!

I am working on a couple of holiday projects and will post some results once I am finished. Until then, I highly recommend this one for your DIY/Craft library!  D.I.Y. Type is a Random House publication and can be found at

Random House


and other retailers.

And, just so you know, I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review and I have received no other compensation from any organization or person mentioned in this post. I did it because I really do love this book and totally don’t want my hubs to roll his eyes at me again….

A note about the author:

DANA TANAMACHI is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. After designing Broadway show posters at SpotCo and working under Louise Fili, Dana opened Tanamachi Studio, a graphic design boutique specializing in hand-lettering and custom typography for editorial, lifestyle, food, and fashion brands. She has been commissioned by clients such as Google, Yahoo!, West Elm, Bloomingdale’s, William Sonoma, Nike, and created custom cover art for O,HOW, and TIME Magazines.


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  1. I wanted to rate this a 5 but my fat finger gave it a 3. This sounds like a great book for my sister! Unpatiently waiting for pics.

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