I’ve done my sentence…

So, there it is! I completed my first ever writing challenge! Yay! 31 posts in 31 days and in those long 31 days there has been a range of emotions, experiences, expectations, evolutions (OK, I’m just going for e-words for the alliteration, sue me), anyway-lots of stuff happened in those 31 days.   One of those things is the decision to stop blogging here.  I think the time has come to combine my two worlds into one. It gets confusing being a split blog personality! You will be able to find me (and follow me!) over at susanmulder.com.

In the past it has been a resource for my work and the occasional art rant but I think it is time to move in another direction.  I will still be posting my work there-if I do it-but I will be working on a new project and continue my writing there as well.  I am a little nervous (eep!) to be taking a leap into something unknown but I am always up for a challenge-and I hope this one lasts longer than 31 days!!

In celebration of small successes-

Get it? “I’ve done my sentence…..”. OK, so maybe some bad writing humor but we’ll keep on writing till the end……

Sending you each love and light and gratitude for sticking with me to the end!

AND, remember, just do the work you were created to do (no matter how small or big)-even if the world doesn’t accept it at first.  You were created to do the work only you can do and it is simply marvelous!

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-