Is it raining out there? Cause it’s raining in here….

There’s nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself.    James Lee Burke

Rejection has been a theme around here lately. Instead of looking at it like something to be totally bummed out by or getting me down (OK, maybe a little) I have decided to run with it.  Of all of life’s givens-birth, death and taxes-I would venture to add that rejection should be snuggled right in between birth and death because I am pretty sure it is one of those ubiquitous experiences from which there is no inoculation.

In an earlier post over on my website I mentioned that I did the math on the rejections I have received so far this year and it averaged out to .80 rejection letters a week.  So, one rejection letter a week. All year. All of 2014. Every week. Yeah. Not one of my favorite years when it comes to feelin’ the love.  Yes, I was having a little pity party with no confetti or glitter-just me sittin’ in a chair with a cup of tea and wondering what exactly I am suppose to be doing.

I have followed all the rules: I developed-what I perceived as-God’s gift to me, I worked hard, got the dream job, let go of the dream job because I felt called to (still think it was  the right call!), set about getting my work out there, prayed through it all, waited, and waited, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand waited (still waiting btw) for whatever it is He has planned for my life.  Um, hello, in case He hasn’t noticed, I am almost 50 and would kinda like to know what’s what while I can still remember what to do with the what.

Great thing about waiting is that it gives you plenty of time to do inventory. And to think. Lots of thinking. All of these ‘no’s’ must mean something.  That’s a lot of no’s to stare down and not begin to see some sort of pattern.  Maybe I was going after the wrong yes’s?  I have been doing what is the accepted practice for my line of work (art) but what if that isn’t what I am suppose to be chasing?  This opens a whole kettle of stinky fish when it comes to gifts and their proper usage so I will just leave the lid closed on that one. What if I am being directed in, well, another direction?  What if the rejections are really just a way of slowly turning this vessel down another channel?

Convergences, coincidences, providence-whatever you call it there are things that coincide at specific times to create a fresh awareness of something that might be overlooked.  Let’s say I only got a couple of rejection letters? No biggie-a little ego bruise but nothing to keep me moving ahead.  What if I got 20? OK, maybe there is a message in there but I am nothing if not tenacious!  40?  OK, just kick me in the knees, give me an ice bag and leave me alone. I’m done. Message received-time to sit down and listen up. OK, enter a challenge to change how I feel about rejection and pursue it as a good thing.  I love to get turned down-don’t we all? It’s great for the soul…right? Not in my experience but hey-I am always game to try something new.

Enter a crazy idea-let’s talk about rejection! Let’s pay close attention to it and listen to what it might be saying.  Can it be a good thing?  Does it refine, strengthen and motivate and not just demoralize, demolish and break? In some circumstances I believe that it is a tool used for good. I think marshmallows would be a better tool but we’ll go with rejection for the sake of my project 😉

I will be starting a series on my website called Rejection that Matters. In mid November I will open the discussion up by inviting individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to talk about rejection in their lives.  These will be casual conversations that, I hope, will offer insights on how rejection can shape and mold an individual and perhaps realign how we see the ‘no’ in our lives.  I would love for you to join me!

Have someone you would love to hear talk about rejection?  Know someone you think would be a great interview? Just want to follow along? I would love to hear from you! Connect with me and let’s see what happens! Seriously-I would love to hear from you 🙂

In the words of Pooh-‘Is it raining out there? It’s raining in here.’ And, it’s raining outside my window so here is a little umbrella themed smile for the rest of your day…

Just do the work you were created to do (no matter how small or big)-even if the world doesn’t accept it at first.  You were created to do the work only you can do and it is simply marvelous!

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-


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