Frosty window panes….


This was the view from my little window today!  The field was white with frost and the leaves bright with fall glory (or gone but we won’t point that out).  I am under the weather but loving the weather-whether or not…ok, I won’t go down that path. I think my judgement is clouded from whatever bug has decided to set up shop in my head so I will keep this super short.

Feeling great or not-it’s a beautiful day to go after something-anything that has been hanging around the fringes. That great idea that has been hovering or that really great idea that feels out of reach-today is a a great day to take that first step.  Go ahead-you know you want to! I know I want to so I will be hunkering down, nursing my sick self and doing some future planning.

And, since the frost is upon us this is great time for a reminder of summertime….(Ok, just an excuse to post an Annie Lennox song boppin’ around in my head)

Just do the work you were created to do (no matter how small or big)-even if the world doesn’t accept it at first.  You were created to do the work only you can do and it is simply marvelous!

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-


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