Earworm Wednesday…you’re welcome.

OK-panic mode! I had this awesome post all written and scheduled and when I checked on it today it was GONE-as in nowhere-nada-no words-no pics-nuthin’.

Soooo, we’ll run with it!  Add this to the Power Playlist for your day-

Hey-it was this or Disco Duck….

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-


P.S. If this is your first time here check out the 31 Days tab to find out more about the challenge and Welcome! I hope you come back 😉 AND, if you want to catch up check out these earlier posts

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6 Replies to “Earworm Wednesday…you’re welcome.”

  1. Press on brave warrior, woman, writer 🙂 Did you check under posts, all, drafts. You know we have the same WordPress Theme. Maybe, possibly it is under all posts. Wish I could find it for you, but this is delightful. Everything here always is.

    1. Thanks 😄I looked EVERYWHERE! My guess is that in my overzealous enthusiasm for the world changing post it was to be (eye roll) I forgot to hit schedule after I did all the nifty other stuff. Oh well-this ended up being fun too!

  2. haha that happened to me the other day. lost an amazing post that was going to catapult me to blogging fame…ugh…I decided God didn’t intend for me to have blogging fame, yet. I’m not even gonna try to recreate it. 😉 great song, i’m bouncing in my chair.

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