A little pumpkin sitting…

It’s Monday y’all!  A day we all love, right?  Back to work, back to to-do list’s and back to reality. Yeah-Monday’s are one of my favorite things…OK, so maybe that is a biiiiiit of a stretch but it does have a ring of truth to it.

It is way to easy to fall into a routine of living that is fixed on the ordinariness and mendacity of the mundane. Dusting, washing, grocery shopping, changing diapers, scrubbing the toilet, carpooling, fixing dinner-lather, rinse and repeat day after day and it is easy to think we don’t have it so easy. BO-ring. Can I get an AMEN? Well,  I hope not because I have a wee problem with the idea that it has to be fun or flashy to be important.

I wish I could have all the years back that I spent wishing there were more bells and whistles in my life-more AWESOMESAUUUUUUCE and less applesauce-more fireworks and less work-more wishes come true and  fewer broken wishbones. I wish (hey-it’s a hard habit to break) I could have seen the significance in every motion of daily life and appreciated. The old proverb still applies-If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Considering the origins of this line-which dates back to the 1500’s- this isn’t a new problem!  Discontent is really as old as the hills!

I firmly believe we are sold a bill of goods that everything has to be AWESOME!! or EPIC!!!!! or totally AMAZEBALLS covered with AWESOMESAUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!! for it to have value! That it has to be bigger, looooouuuuuder, MORE. Simple has been squeezed out by Colossal, Mega, L’Extreme. Think I am over reacting? People, I found these adjectives in the mascara aisle.  There was even one that was ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara. 1). If your mascara is better than sex you have bigger problems than wimpy lashes and B).this would require an entire ‘nother post.

Anyway…back to discontent.  We are a culture of discontent-it’s fed to us by billboards, advertisements, tv, movies, magazines-if we can see it-it is probably trying to sell us something that will make everything right-or point out how wrong we are-which we hadn’t realized-and therefore do us the service of improving what we have and make us like everyone else. Yeah, that’s what we all want.

I so wish (I know, I know-beggars would ride) I knew how to put sound effects in my posts because here is where you would hear the sound of of a train going off the rails.  I want off. I want to find that place were simple is better. Where doing the daily ‘stuff’ has purpose and value. Where its OK to be my age (be it not act it!), to love the ordinary, to find happiness in a just washed window (even if it isn’t mine) or the steam on my tea and not feel like I am not giving, doing or being enough. NOW, can I get the AMEN?  Anyone else out there feel this way?

Image By Susan Mulder (C)

As a woman, mom and very cool Mim, I feel a sense of responsibility to show that simple is both good and possible. I look to my grand daughters future and pray that she doesn’t fall victim to the bigger, faster, more of the world. I want her to experience and learn everything she can to become an interesting and strong woman (like her mama 😉 ) and not get caught up in the lies that she needs to be something other than what she was created to be.

I need to be reminded-regularly-that I am not the sum of what the world wants me to be, to do, to accomplish. I am the sum of what God intends and that he intends that only for me. And his intentions for you are uniquely and beautifully yours.

I praise [him] because I am [(you are)] fearfully and wonderfully made; [His] works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14

I wish we could sit on our pumpkins together and share a cup of tea simply to marvel at the steam….

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-


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6 Replies to “A little pumpkin sitting…”

  1. I’ll pumpkin sit with you 😉 I hope to teach my children too that they have so much(in Christ) and don’t need all the world.

  2. Ah, yes! Finding the joy/beauty/good/etc. in the simple things of life. That is the challenge, isn’t it? While I think I am able to do this most of the time, there is also part of me that wishes for more. I’ve got big, God-size dreams in my heart, yet there is definitely part of me that wishes away all the mundane things of life so that I can get to those dreams quicker. But I don’t want to wish away the little things in life because they too are a blessing from the Lord!

    1. I think the big ones are as important as the small ones and it is easy to forget to be grateful for both (at least for me ☺️). Hoping there is joy in your day-big AND small!

  3. I’m assuming you’re still in the local stratosphere…can we do some simple LIVE in person pumpkin sitting with tea?

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