Coffee Pot with a View…

I was responding to a blog post over at Giving Up on Perfect (I LOVE this blog!) and thought-hmmm-this might be a good 31 Days post.  I had my little list of topics and had narrowed it down to two that I was gonna pick from and yeah-in typical style-this wasn’t one of them. Oh well, sometimes the best things come from derailed plans!

A room with a little view can make a huge difference!
A room with a little view can make a huge difference!

We don’t have a home. It isn’t really as dire as it sounds but it is a disruption that makes me feel agitated and uncomfortable.  As a homebody, I love to feather my nest and have a place that is warm, welcoming that folks like to hang out in-so being without that comfort is a challenge.

Facing the reality that we needed to sell our home and find something more affordable was one of those deep breath, big gulp moments. It sold immediately(a great thing!). Annnnnd-we had no plan (not a great thing). I am one of those people who have like to have a plan, and a back up plan, and a back up for the back up-just in case. So, while going through this process I may have been able to greet other people and look calm inside my head I was running in circles muttering OMGOMGOMG.  Not the calm shout out to God kind of chant but the totally chaotic, I forgot who was in control kind of murmurings that really get things done. Yeah, No.

Bless his heart, my hubby was able to find a temporary place for us to live-and just in time(literally. last. minute.). But we could only be there a week. What? But, we could move back in after a week. Oh, and it might have to be in a different unit. OK, so move, move out, move back in…sure! Sounds like fun.  Do I sound spoiled? I was trying really hard not to have my own little melt down-didn’t work so well. Did I mention that we have a cat that is accustomed to hanging out in the great outdoors? Yeah- he meowed-non stop-for the entire first week. Oh, and the tenants below? They had a dog that would bark at the drop of a leaf.  That the walls are fingers in your ears lalalalalalalala thin? Yeah. Fun times.

OK, now that I am finished with the pity party-guess what?  God tapped on my shoulder, cleared his throat and suggested I look out the window.  I may have forgotten Him in the middle of my OMGOMGOMG merry-go-round, he didn’t forget me for a second. And, he brought presents.

I have always wanted to live in the country-preferably prairie-with a house plopped in the middle of 40 odd acres.  Not sumthin’ likely to happen BUT….

Room with a view
Pay no attention to the power box in the lower right corner-I am not a pro-just stick my cell phone against the window and hit click 🙂

Hello! I have this tiny window in the kitchen and I literally stopped mid-coffee-sip one morning when it hit me what-exactly-I was looking at. The view is stunning! Siiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhh. And, wait for it……He gives me deer-twice a day-who linger and munch their way across the field (it’s left of this image but I’ll probably post other pics throughout the month). Yup-He loves me-even when I act like a spoiled child. OK, a very spoiled child.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”    Hebrews 13:5

Not that I could improve on the Word but mentally I add “love of tangible goods, love of place, love of…..” whatever I happen to be fixating on-shoot, it could even be lack of candy corn at the local store! Funny thing is He still cares for me-and you-in the middle of the temper tantrums and patiently waits for us to pay attention.

He knew what I needed on a deeper level-breathing space to linger and listen. I love how He works.  I am working on the listening part but I have the lingering thing pretty solid for the moment. Did I mention that the coffee pot is right next to the window?

I am off to linger some more-it’s raining and simply beautiful out there….and I have some listening to do.

Enjoy the AND because that is where the journey is happening-


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6 Replies to “Coffee Pot with a View…”

  1. What a lovely view – and an even more beautiful perspective! I love it when God taps us on the shoulder (or, as needed often in my case, smacks us on the back of the head) so we don’t miss the gifts He’s giving us right here, right now.

    Thanks for the shout-out to my post, by the way! Can’t wait to read more of your story!

    1. Your blog brings me such joy and I literally did a little happy dance in my chair when I got the post that you were participating! Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to following your journey!!

  2. As somehow who is moving soon, and am having some anxiety about it as it’s happening soon, I totally appreciate this post! And I love how God knows us and gives us little things to remind us how much He loves us. Your view is beautiful! And this post is as well. 🙂

    1. Wishing you all the best with your upcoming move! I have spent my whole life moving around but this is the first one that has been so “unplanned” but I think God enjoys showing off his mad skills when we venture into the unplanned 🙂

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