The Bubba Effect

I really should be saving this for the 31 Day challenge but some things are just too good to hang on to!

Some of you know that back in January  I was kicken’ the day to day in Wyoming.  There was amazing stuff happening that month-painters were painting, composers were composing and writers were writing.  Along with all this great work happening  there were a lot of great memories being made…Biggy, Smalls (both dogs who were the opposites of their names) bendy straws (self explanatory cause they are just cool that way), ginger toddy’s(too good to be true), front porches, hot springs and Bubba‘s…yes, Bubba’s.

I don’t know if you know what a Bubba is but let me tell you-it is, what I consider-the ubiquitous personification of gitten’er done. There was an amazing writer in residence during my time in WY who could be seen trucking around campus with a major Bubba in tow. She got some s#@t done that month and I am convinced this was part of her personal awesomeness arsenal. Fast forward to last Saturday…

A box of happiness and creative possibilities!
A box of happiness and creative possibilities!

Making the trek to town to check our P.O. box usually coincides with a list of to-do’s and other mundane tasks. Seriously, I never thought I would miss a mailbox until I didn’t have one! Who knew? Anyway, instead of mail there was a note that I had to pick up a package at the front desk. Uh-oh, I didn’t remember ordering anything and there were no birthdays happenin’ to warrant a package.  To say that I did a happy dance when I opened that box would be an understatement-and my husband, who was with me, was pretty sure something had come loose in my brain.  It was Bubba’s!!  And, there was only one person they could have come from!

This is really about more than a Bubba though.  There could have been just about anything in there-although the Bubba’s definitely made it the Best. Box. Ever. When I opened the box terrific memories poured out and the unexpected kindness that H. sent my way literally brought tears to my eyes. Life can be strange sometimes and the paradox of tough times offering up the beauty of a simple, kind gesture can turn your day, week, month-heck it can change your whole attitude on it’s head.

I am still working through a process of letting go and letting things happen but the impact of what I now affectionately have dubbed the Bubba Effect is still being felt. I am not saying that I will suddenly become solvent, fluent, powerful or famous just because I have not one-but TWO Bubba’s- I will say that my world is a better place because of the kindness of one person doing one, simple thing. Isn’t this such a truth? It doesn’t always take the grand gesture to make a difference. Stopping-often for just a second-to choose to do something/anything can have an impact-and probably more of an impact than you could possibly imagine.

So, from green smoothies to coffee to whatever might be in my Bubba in the future one thing I am sure of is that it is filled with gratitude….and Dude, it’s a Bubba-I’m gonna be gettin’er done all over the place!

P.S. I am not affiliated with Bubba in any way but love their products and the memories they have given me ;)