What’s in a name?

Soooo,  you may have noticed that something has changed. Maybe you haven’t-no big deal!  It is still So Worth It over here but for the month of October the blog will be trying on some spiffy new duds (per se-see what I did there?) to take part in 31 Days, the brain child of Myquillyn over at The Nester-an amazing blog I wish I could have had around, say, 20 years or so ago!  As a life long perfectionist, recovering perfectionist, relapsed perfectionist and ever hopeful that if I just got it right I would be ___(you fill in the blank here-I prolly thought it)___ I have found myself without a home (not as bad as it sounds) and the opportunity to take a long hard look at what I really want for the next phase of life.  So far this has been a year-ish of letting go of a variety of things ranging from tangible ‘stuff’  to the less than easy to peg down realm of dreams, ideas, hopes and personal ‘stuff’.  I quit blogging a year ago, ran off to Wyoming for the month of January for an artist residency (turned my practice upside down), sold my house, let relationships fall away and have been in waiting.

After a lifetime of running in all the directions I truly felt the Lord was sending me I decided to stop. I didn’t stop listening to HIm, I just wasn’t hearing him anymore.  Kinda made me stop in my tracks.  The resulting re-evaluation of practically everything I thought I was suppose to ‘be’ has been quite a journey. ANYWAY, I am getting ahead of myself.

After finding The Nester -totally by accident- I started to follow along…bought her lovely book The Nesting Place and felt like I was coming home a little.  Around the time I decided to dust of the cobwebs on the blog I heard about 31 Days. My first reaction was to say no to myself (I have become very, very good at saying that-which isn’t always so good) but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone and I decided to leap.  The challenge is to post everyday for all 31 days of October and to follow along with the others who will be participating. Do I have 31 days of things to say? That is yet to be seen but I am open to allowing it to just happen.  Might be just a pic, might be a wandering diatribe or a quote or a question. It will be what it will be but one thing is for sure-I know what the name is…&.  To see why visit my earlier post, It’s Still So Worth It

See you in October!

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  1. …being renewed in the spirit of the mind….
    yuppers! It’s a really good thing. Peace and JOY to your coming season – can’t wait to see what more is in store!

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