What was I thinking!

As I have been working through the Principle of 5 I have had a few-what I consider small-prompts run through my head. When I say small I mean they only take a click to activate but taking the step to go there is harder than it sounds!  I made a simple decision to go FAWOL this week. I did this for a couple of reasons-time sucking, mind numbing reasons.

You might be wondering what FAWOL is-it is my version of a social media diet.  Facebook Absent With Out Liking, linking, lol-ing, lollygagging, looking-whatever ‘L’ rocks your socks can fill that last spot.  After perusing Facebook for the umpteenth time in one afternoon I  had this moment when I realized that 98% of the stuff I am reading, looking at, searching through and liking really wasn’t doing me any good. In fact, it was taking time away from planning and executing any of the 5 things I was hoping to do that afternoon.  And, oddly enough, I hadn’t put scan Facebook for more cute animals and pithy cartoons on ANY of my 5 things lists. DUH.

I also started to realize that while I was interested in some of the info-I do like to keep up with what my friends are doing-I found that a lot of what they are doing, well, they are actually DOING! Several of my friends are travelling (I admit, I am a bit green with jealousy-a pale tint but green none the less), exhibiting their work, making new work and are just busy doing.  What was I doing? Looking. Comparing. Doing some internal grousing. And getting absolutely nothing done.  Why this fixation with what everyone is doing?  Why am I letting my time be spent looking at the fun everyone else is having-at the very moment they are having it while I sit at home in my sweats drinking tepid coffee and wishing I was somewhere fun and interesting. DUH.

In truth I had imagined doing this many times over the last weeks but didn’t really think it would matter -I still wanted to see trip pics and find something really cool that someone else had done and share it with my friends-I mean really-isn’t that what friends do?? HELLO! Anybody home? Am I doing anything worth writing about? Um-well, I am just so busy…hanging out on Facebook.  Reaching deep inside (with the hand that wasn’t on my keyboard) I grabbed on to as much fortitude as I could manage and ever so slowly, with trembling finger,  typed this last post-

Going FAWOL-friends if you want to connect with me please email me or go old school and call me-its not that I don’t love my friends it’s just that I am really starting to hate Facebook…I would rather connect with you over coffee than here 🙂

Now hate is a strong word but I was pretty disgusted with myself and that is how I felt at that moment.  The next thing I did was delete the bookmark that mainlined FB to my screen. Wait for it….nothing happened.  No hiccups, earthquakes or lightening strikes. Then I was brutal-I deleted the app from my iPad and my iPhone.  I started to feel a little wibbly about that-what if I took an amazing pic and just had to share it-RIGHT AWAY?? Or what if I thought of something profound and needed to let everybody know?  I figured that if it wasn’t worth picking up the phone and calling someone about what I just saw, heard, thought of or experienced then it probably wasn’t worth inflicting on my FB community. AND, it would probably be taking away from time better spent in the studio, writing, working, planning or other active activity.  Harsh? Maybe. But then look at all the time and focal energy I will have to get real things done!

Will all my Facebook friends miss me? Probably not. Those that do will drop me an email, ring me up or meet me over coffee to fill me in on what they have been up to and then I will reap the benefit of old fashioned relationship building. Hmm. Imagine that! I could take my sweats off and actually go somewhere, have human contact and a real experience all at the same time.  And you know what else?  I won’t post anything on Facebook so your secret’s are once again safe with me.

So, I am 24 hours in and yes, I did pop back on to copy and paste my last post and the lure of lurking a bit was strong but I survived and exited with the necessary info without succumbing. Will I  give in? I hope not-I want to see just how long I can hold out AND see how much more I can do with my time! And I want to have coffee with friends, maybe even write a note or two to folks I haven’t connected with in a while.  Who’s to say how long this experiment will last but I am willing to go for the long haul and get back to the ‘stuff’ I really want to do….


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