What next?

I can see that the post it note situation is going to get a little out of hand (if anyone over at post it is watching I could really use some of these to get a handle on things!)! AND that my wall is beginning to look a little like a final four bracket…5 things broken down into 5 things and so on-makes for a lot of…well…things!  What I am also finding is that breaking down my major list into bite sized chunks is already starting to pay off!!

Starting where I want to be and going backwards is helping me not only visualize the steps I need to take to get there-it is actually getting me to do them!! In the past I would look at exactly what I wanted to achieve and plow forward-doing tons of research on ‘3 sure fire ways to achieve your dreams’ and ‘Find your dream job by doing__________’. You get the idea.  What I have discovered is pretty basic, in fact-it is down right old fashioned.  It’s called–and are you ready for this?? Work.  Simply doing the work.  By mapping out the steps necessary-and making these realistic, logical and productive steps, and then slowly taking those steps one at a time-I find I am making forward progress.

jasper johns 5
Rudolph Burckhardt’s photograph of Jasper Johns’ The Figure 5 at James Danziger Gallery

Now, not each of the brackets of 5 takes all 5 to accomplish something!  For example: One of the steps I outlined was contact 5 organizations in the hopes of scheduling at least one workshop (I teach encaustic painting) outside of my state.  Sidenote-I seem to have a thing for odd numbers and the number 5-check out one of my all time favorite artists work! Jasper Johns is an icon and a huge inspiration for my encaustic works.  OK, back to topic. I found my 5 galleries and starting reaching out.  I didn’t even get through my whole list before one of them got back to me looking for more info (I will post more info on this later).  I have been daily, consciously doing at least 5 things that will push me to be committed to getting where I want to go and it is a great feeling when things start to work!

I am not saying this will happen every time but by just doing the work-making the effort, showing up-whatever you want to call it-stuff really does start to happen. I use to tell my students DO THE WORK, DO THE WORK, DO THE WORK-whatever it takes-do the work to MAKE it happen.  I am taking a bit of my own advice to get back to what means the most to me!  I use to teach professional practices to college students-which translates to basic business intro for beginning artists. You would think doing it myself would be no big deal!  One of the things I love is to help others succeed in their artistic careers-I just never  had the time to focus on my own.  Which is one of the reasons I decided to walk away from something I really loved.  I would never know if I didn’t try. Soooo, now I am doing my best to make it happen and have figured out a pathway that seems to make sense and makes me get my proverbial butt in gear to start making things happen.

Here’s do DOING THE WORK, DOING THE WORK, DOING THE WORK…feels like I should say it 5 times but I think three is enough-don’t you??