5 Things-thanks a lot @MikeVeny…

I have an endless supply of really great ideas. Which is awesome. BUT, I can’t seem to sit down and get them on screen (who uses paper any more) before I move on to something else.  I am beginning to wonder if I am not suffering from some form of self sabotage that keeps me from doing what I should really be doing. As opposed to, say, de-linting vents or scrubbing the corners of my ceiling with a soft toothbrush to make sure I got the last of the spider thingy that was up there. Maybe I should reverse how I do the process….set out to do these tedious and pressing tasks in the hope of procrastinating into what I really want to do?? Has anybody out there tried this? Does it work or will I end up moving the refrigerator  or disassembling the washing machine to make sure the threat posed by all the invisible thingamabobbies is eliminated (once and for all) instead of sitting down and writing or hitting my studio?

I have tried all manner of methods and approaches to getting down to business and the only thing that I have found that comes remotely close to achieving the impossible task of following through is this…doing it. Mindfully, purposefully and knuckling down to just get it done. Not really all that fun when you think about it. Hard work if you do think about it but this is usually what it takes to get from point A to point B. To get from white canvas to work of art. To get from blank screen to written word. To get the dishwasher from full and clean to unloaded and ready to fill with all the dishes that have piled up in the sink.  Pretty simplistic idea-soooo, why does it take a force greater than myself to get my sorry self going??  I have fits and starts but always seem to fall into the invisible thingamabobby trap.

I admit, I do struggle with focus issues but that isn’t what keeps me from doing things.  When necessary, I can focus intensely on a project and bring it in, under schedule, under budget and well done. Maintaining this in all facets of what I do is the challenge. What I am learning is that I need to challenge myself.  Literally create a challenge or task and treat it like a special project.  I have a friend of mine, Mike Veny, (check him out on twitter @MikeVeny and on Facebook too) who recently posted that he was going to challenge himself to do 5 things that take him out of his comfort zone.  Ultimately this is what it boils down to! Comfort. Comfort is easy-it’s, well, comfortable. You can snuggle down into that comfort zone with a cup of hot tea and simply stay there. Side note-it is raining and gray here today and would be the perfect comfort zone day. My grand baby is snoozing and there is laundry that needs doing so comfort sounds good and easy right about now! Then I think about the things I want to have happen in my life.  5 things really isn’t too much to ask. I could come up with 5 things to push myself with-now, do I have the cahones to do it?!

This isn’t about goals. I have a lot of experience with goals and while they are great for some folks, I have decided they aren’t for me. I have made tons of ‘goals’ and accomplished them only to be disillusioned, disappointed and, at times, just dissed.  Goals tend to be external. Accomplishments meant to bolster ones status, ego and reputation.  It has more to do with what other people think of you (at least in my case). Ambition.  Don’t get me wrong-there is nothing wrong with ambition! It can be motivating, can thrust ideas out into the open and really make things happen.  What I have a problem with is confusing ambition with passion.  I have worked for people who have veiled ambition in the cloak of passion. They try hard to sell you on their so called passion so they can get the satisfaction of achieving their ambitions while someone else does all the dirty work. Working in this kind of environment is a drain. The dirty work is where  true passion is worked out.

5 things


OK, so I just realized this is getting really long so I will cut to the chase.  5 things.  I think my friend has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet and that I should just pick it up.  I have made the decision that I need break out into other arenas.  I need to take steps to make myself uncomfortable and lose the safety net of a corporate paycheck.  I made this choice a while ago but never fully committed to it hoping that something else will come along so I would be off the hook of responsibility for my own ideas. A paycheck is nice-really nice! So are benefits! Both of which I no longer have.  Talk about scary! And guess what? I have no one else to gripe about but myself! If I screw up, I-me-myself, am the only one to blame (maybe I should re-think this??). So, 5 things-I need to figure these out and commit.  If you had 5 things you needed to do to move out of your comfort zone on a monthly, weekly, daily basis what would they be?  I want to choose mine carefully and want to choose my approach the same way. Monthly? Maybe. Weekly? Doable. Daily. May need more coffee for this one!

Let’s see where it goes!! My first step-a very small one-is a post it with the words ‘5 things’ and then 5 blank ones below that…