Limitations? What limitations?

I had one of those moments this morning when I was sweating through the last beautiful moments of hot yoga-my new favorite thing-when I came face to face with one of my limitations, greeted it and wished it on its way.  This doesn’t come easily for me! Often I will plow through roadblocks as opposed to finding a way around it…if it can be done I want to do it goshdarnit. I don’t like being or feeling limited.  This journey of understanding and growth I seem to be on lately has led me into some serious contemplative territory and for this I am grateful.

I started taking a hot yoga class back in January-one of those new years resolutions that happened to come with a groupon at the time.  I am not a huge fan of getting all sweaty-in public-with lots of people around to see it BUT something happened in that first class that blew me away. I have some physical limitations from an accident about ten years back that has left me with nerve damage and chronic pain so exercise can be a challenge sometimes.  I left that first class feeling like I was able to do it! This may have been partly the result of the ibuprofin I had pre-treated myself with but at the end of the class I could almost touch my toes-which I hadn’t done in years.  And here is the great part-I kept going to class!  I even took part in the 3o day challenge that  the studio does in May which is 30 classes in 30 days and I completed it-even doing double classes on some days to make sure I stayed on track.  This is where the limitations come in-my body was weary. And it hurt. And I kept going. I learned modifications for poses that allowed me to continue and it was these modifications that taught me a huge lesson.

It may be noble to power through-and even a little gratifying-but not always wise.  Learning modifications to allow my body to accomplish what it needed-what I wanted it-to do has carried over into my daily life.  I am learning that sometimes the most efficient path isn’t always the straightest.  The most direct route may not a straight line.  Patience.  Learning to think first and THEN act (who knew?) is a plausible path! And waiting can be an effective tool. Hmm. OK. Well, it looks like limitations are not bad things. Mine have taught me many things and I imagine they will continue to teach me even more as I continue to grow.

For now, I will continue to do my hot yoga-with modifications and without shame-in a way that works for me. I may not be graceful and lithe in class but I am doing it and that is what really matters.  Three cheers for learning lessons without banging my head on the wall (too much).  And here is a plug for the best hot yoga place around-Funky Buddha Hot Yoga. Check them out but be warned-you may learn more than yoga there!!

Enjoy your Saturday and remember to take a few moments to look for the beauty that lies just outside your door….


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    1. Thank you Jennifer-it really is the other way around though-YOU inspire me with your strength, creativity and talent. xoxoxo love and light to you today 😉

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