A Breath of Fresh Air….

The sun has shifted and I am sitting in a puddle of spring-like sunshine while I work today-niiiiiice.  And, since I am working, AND since the urge to spring clean is starting to take root I decided to ‘spring clean’ my blog!  Something a little cleaner, a little more streamlined and a little less cluttered.  I would love to hear what you think and if it was a good choice!

I think the ‘spring cleaning’ thing kicks in not just because it is spring BUT because I get that closing in feeling from having too much going on-which, while it is my own fault, is where I find myself. So as I navigate how to clean up this messy feeling I do things like change up my blog, unsubscribe from newsletters and sales info I end up deleting instead of reading, clean out my twitter feed, and, well, you get the pic.  It is kind of a good feeling to clean my digital house and the best part is I can sit in a puddle of sunlight to do it!  This little clean up is good to do once in a while but it is really a form of procrastination…

Periodically, I get these little internal subterranean rumblings that signal a change is coming and I am pretty sure that this little clean up diversion is an indicator that the Richter scale is about to start picking up the vibes.  The last couple of years have taught me that change is an essential part of who I am and this manifests itself in all sorts of ways-and, here is the kicker-I seldom know the direction it will take me! So fear and excitement shake hands and sit down to a little discussion about just how much anxiety I can manage until they finally decide to fill me in on what they have up their sleeves with their other partner, the future.

I try to help others plan for their futures, make solid choices that help them move in the direction they want to go and encourage them to take the steps necessary to make their passion their profession.  When it comes to my own plans I am not immune to the same feelings that those I work with experience and I find that when the rumbling leads to the shifts I need to make in my own life I am better able to empathize with my clients.  I love this! It doesn’t make it less scary-it just makes me love it more!!

I am going to dig out my hard hat  and tighten up my safety belt because who knows what these new rumblings will lead to but I am have a feeling that it is going to be a pretty cool ride….


2 Replies to “A Breath of Fresh Air….”

  1. I’m feeling the rumblings too…but these are bigger than ever…big shifting going on over here…but there is more….I feel it. I completely understand what you are talking about. It is the feeling of something more coming. Something scary-exciting. Something unexpected, perhaps something long awaited. What a journey, this amazing life we live eh?

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