snowy morn

It feels like it has been eons since I have posted on the blog…most likely because it has been!  I have had great intentions of writing but I manage to talk myself out of it and then time just slips away.  I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about missed opportunities because I warn my students of the dangers of not taking advantage of unexpected ops and making the most of their time.  Ironic that I can encourage them to do this but can’t quite manage to practice what I teach!  Aside from the shame face I am wearing I am attempting to unpack this phenomena…

When it comes to posting, or painting, or creating, or writing, or anything for that matter, that obnoxious voice in my head whispers into its tiny little megaphone that whatever it is I have to say, do, make, suggest, and on and on, has no value to anyone else but me.  AND, it will probably make me look dumb.  AND, I wouldn’t want to do that voluntarily!  This insidious little voice becomes magnified each time I give in and skip doing something I was once so excited about and begins to drown out my enthusiasm. Ugh!  What is doubly ironic is that I will skip doing something and instead spend time searching for motivational material for my students-exactly how messed up is that!

It is time to muffle the megaphone!  Doing-even if it flops, writing even when it sucks, painting when it fails and just putting it out there is  the goal I am laying out-nothing grandiose or monumental-just simply doing.  Maybe then I can find my way back to that place that usually feels right when I let myself get there!!

So here goes-though the view is nice (we got about a foot of snow yesterday!) it is time to put feet to the doing and to quote one of my favorite quotes…Never, never, never give up.  I love Churchill.


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  1. So glad to see you here again.
    I can relate so much to what you are saying about that voice in your head…i have the same one.
    I think when that voice comes, you should say to it that God wants us to shine our light. you never know what your light does to illuminate the paths of others that might really need it.

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