To prove that I did more than play with sparklers at ‘camp’ I thought I would post an image of some of the work I did while whiling away the days in Maine…

In keeping with my habit of cell phone pics-this is one.  It limits the quality of the image and you can’t see the color as it really is but it is close enough to give you an idea.  I took the opportunity to randomly select items as the subject matter and see what would happen.  This is oil and mixed media on designer fabric-which is reflected in the black checkerboard pattern that I repainted back into the piece.  The sides are black and white checkerboard as well.

It was good to take a break from intense content creation and just have a bit of fun.  I was able to work on some new ideas as well that will be more intentionally driven and hopefully better for having been put off.  I also explored some abstraction and will post those another time.

That’s it for today-the to do list is shrinking for the time being so I must be diligent to continue the trend!!



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