Better days…

I didn’t start out the day thinking I would spend the better part of the morning procrastinating but that appears to have been the outcome.  Although, if I must say so myself, my procrastination has been remarkably productive!  I have gotten caught up on my email, written a rough draft for a recommendation letter I have been asked to write, run the dishwasher, made my bed and done a variety of other nondescript but highly essential tasks..that probably could have waited.  Telling myself to knuckle down and get to work I decided now would be a great time to post on the blog-thus delaying my attempts to check off items on my list.  You can count on the fact that I will march my not so little self upstairs and add “Post on Blog” as soon as I finish up!

Today is day two of my return to reality. I had a slow reintroduction on the three day journey home but that didn’t lessen the eye-rubbing, lip biting feeling of doing laundry, picking up, cooking dinner and cleaning up again after not doing it for nearly three weeks. I am a survivor though so  I have made it to see another day. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in in artist’s residency in the Down East region of Maine.  Two weeks of unadulterated art making, nature hanging out with and total self evaluation that has left me regenerated, invigorated and more myself than I have felt in at least two years.

How often do you get the gift of shaking the dross off and refocusing on what matters.  Learning to miss, to long for something is a gift in and of itself.  Ennui can creep in and steal away, bit by bit without you noticing, aspects of what makes you whole and replace it with a disinterest that inhibits relationships, creativity and joy and I spent two weeks of brushing it away. Life is pretty much the same as I left it but it is me that has changed a little and I pray that I am able to maintain this feeling for as long as possible.




Images courtesy Kris Sanford-a wonderful photographer and terrific person!

On our last night together at the residency we were helping the photographer in the group do a few fun shots with light and someone got the idea to spell out ‘Golden Apple’ which is the name of the residency (click on the “Apple” photo and you can check it out).  There is something magic about sparkler’s and a group of unobserved artists that makes one feel like a kid again-too much fun with marshmallow’s to boot.

I plan on posting more about my experiences but my clock is telling me that my procrastination is becoming a problem. Time to make some progress on my to do list and get to work…here’s a quote for your day-

The trick is to ENJOY life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.

Marjorie Pay Hinkley (via Holstee)


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    1. Thanks Judi-The time was definitely fun-but more than that it was a time to really reconnect with my work and my life. Coming back to reality is already presenting its challenges but I am having some wonderful carryover from the experience so it’s all good!

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