More to life than food…really.

Most of my recent posts have been about food-who doesn’t love food, right? I am still cooking away with my new cookbook and loving every second of it BUT I am also making time to get in my studio (Yay!). So, I thought I would share what I have been up to.  One of the benefits of working as an adjunct is that summers can be pretty free.  I will be heading to an artist’s residency in July to spend some intense time focusing on my work-which will be a welcomed respite and on the same pleasure level as really good chocolate! Until then, I have been working out a couple of ideas on canvas.

This is a grainy cell phone pic (I gotta get a good/easy camera) which shows my newest piece in progress.  I have a thing for black and white-an obsession usually reserved for photogs and graphite/charcoal hounds.  Painters, not so much.  Color is usually paramount for a painter but me-well-I just love good old B & W.  I have every intention of incorporating red washes…maybe.  I will finish ‘fleshing’ out the base and see what I decide.  I don’t think I will touch the boots though-there is something about them that I jive with-love them just the way they are…


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  1. Hah! Love this! I did a “Little Red Riding Hood” painting last year that this reminds me of at this stage :). Mine was a little creepy, of course… Did a couple fairy tale stories twisted paintings – the other perspective :). This is beautiful! Can’t wait to see where it is going 🙂

    1. I would love to see what you did! I had planned this around an exhibition that deals with fairy tales I was going to apply for and then found out the pieces could only be up to about 3 feet tall and couldn’t bring myself to make it that small. So, no entry but I loved the idea so much I went ahead with it. I think there may be a twist-still trying to decide if I want to save that for a different piece or not 😀
      Thanks Kelly!

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