Mmrrhghmm for Hodgson Mills Pancake mix! (@HodgsonMillInc)

Yesterday I was craving pancakes-a dangerous proposition if you even consider eating gluten free!  While I don’t have celiac, the joint pain, lethargy and other problems I get when I eat gluten are motivation to avoid it if I can. I have found pastas that are ‘believable’ enough that I can substitute and my husband doesn’t complain (too much). I have also found some store bought breads that are reasonable facsimiles-but for a carb craving, gotta have my bread kind of person I am still looking for GF nirvana in this area.  Which brings me to pancakes.  Big, white, fluffy pancakes are a thing of the past-until I sniff out the right mix. I would venture to create my own mix but I would have to take out a small loan to be able to buy all the GF ingredients.

Side rant-it’s not my fault gluten and I have a love/hate relationship-if it were up to me we would all just get along. BUT-it is so freaking expensive that I feel like I am being punished for something I can’t control. Ditto on Soy products at coffeeshops-everyone else gets their milk gratis but noooo…(insert snarky self talk voice here) “Awww, you can’t have milk? So sorry-cha ching!!”  No milk for me means .50, .60 and up to.80 cents more. OK, rant over.

Anyway, big, fluffy, white anything has become synonymous with Sasquatch, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster.  I know it is out there but it’s just so darn elusive! Thankfully I do have a granola side (GF of course) that enjoys that whole grain feeling from time to time.  I have tried a number of mixes over time only to pitch them after the first go.  I am not a fan of rubber for breakfast-or sand cakes for that matter. I have thrown more than my fair share of partially used product away (have I mentioned this stuff is expensive!), I won’t even compost some of it because I am convinced that plants have purposefully moved away from where I have buried it. So, back to yesterday.  I was determined to have pancakes and grabbed a fresh new victim, I mean box, to be critiqued- Hodgson Mill GF Pancake and Waffle Mix with Milled Flax Seed.

I mixed, following the directions with only a little tweak-a touch of tofu sour cream a splash of homemade Madagascar vanilla. Looks pretty normal…

Next into the frying pan to see if it fluffs up or sits there like a lump of dough-literally.

This is looking promising!  A little thick but I can adjust that next time…(sinister voice) if there iiiiiis a next time.

Oh, this is looking very promising…

Check it out!! These look pretty darn good-they look like pancakes, they are springy (you’ll have to take my word for it), they smell good and…drum roll…..

They taste pretty darn good!  They are definitely whole grainy-ish-which would make them perfect for a fresh fruit topping-I am imagining fresh strawberry, mmmmmm.  A touch heavy but that is something that can be remedied pretty easily.  The ultimate test is sharing them with the hubs-who happens to be coming in from working in the garden and is a bit peckish for something (plus he got all excited when he saw the stack on the counter). Will they pass the test?

I got the ‘mmrrhghmm’ with the head nod and eyebrow lift which, when translated, is the equivalent of a thumbs up! So, between the ‘mmmrrhgmm’ and my own experience I would have to say that Hodgson Mill did a pretty good job!  I will be buying this one again!  Which makes me wonder if some of their other mixes might be worth a lookie-see too!

There are some of you that have way more experience in the field of GF-I am a relative newcomer-only about two years.  The frustration I feel at trying to find great tasting, affordable and  believable  GF products has been discouraging but I love me some carbs and so the search continues. I have had some moderate success but I am still looking for cakes that don’t taste like fancied up cornbread, baguette that doesn’t taste like bags and pastries that aren’t pastey, mealy, chewy and, well, let’s just say gross.

Thanks to Hodson Mills for making my breakfast face a happy one!  This mix gets a ‘mmmrrhghmm’ from the hubs and a ‘so worth it’ from little ole me!



(consider yourself disclaimed-I do this because I want to find the best product out there I can, not because anyone pays me to!)


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  1. What would you add to make it not so thick? I’m there with you on the tofu sour cream and vanilla:)

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