Simple things

I am sitting in my temporary office (ie. the dining room) because my husbands business has temporarily taken over my office space.  I am cool with that. I am sure if I keep telling myself that it will be true.  My filing system is contained on one dining room chair while his filing system is contained all over the house. I can deal with it. Really, I can. Twitch.  In my book, horizontal surfaces should contain neatly arranged items and a lot of empty space.  In his book, every horizontal surface (and I mean every) is fair game for any thing, any paper, any object…  This kind of messes with my comfort level. I can deal with this, after all it’s only temporary. Twitch.

All this to say, from my ‘office’ I have a great view of the lake and this morning I was rewarded-simply and beautifully.    Today is gray, rainy and a bit on the dreary side-a perfect day to accomplish mundane tasks.  Settling in to work on a long list of these I was rewarded by sighting our neighborhood bald eagles.  We haven’t seen them much this January because there isn’t any measurable ice on the water.  This time of year we are usually able to see them perching in trees, ice fishing and passing on hunting wisdom from one generation to the next.  The lack of ice allowed me to see a full on eagle, open water, fish grab-a first for me! And breathtaking.

It seems that the drear of the mundane and ordinary can overwhelm my ability to appreciate what is around me. When the gray of the day, the dry of the task and the dull of the work combine to chip away at that sense of joy and wonder it is so easy to forget simple things-like looking out the window.  I am so grateful that my change of office gave me a change in scenery-literally! I was really trying to come up with a solution but was distracted by the quantity of water foul hanging out on the lake.  It looked like a Madcap Coffee  for Mallards out there and I was wondering what they could possibly be meeting about.  OK, so there is no other way to say this-next thing I knew (sounds hokey I know) out of nowhere (equally cliche) this slow moving avian version of a C-5 spreads his talons, swoops in and snatches a sizable catch from the great Black Lake. I confess, I held my breath.  In that moment I knew that people live their entire lives and never see something as simply beautiful as this.

This is a stressful season of life right now and it is easy to become myopic, not seeing what is around and knowing only the stress, the sense of loss, the anxiety or whatever it is at that moment. What a gift to be reminded of the world around me-to have looked out the window at that moment, to forget everything else…to have my breath taken away.  I imagine there are gifts like this scattered all around but I fail to recognize them because I am so focused on the gray, the dry and the dull. I love how God captures me again and again through something simple-something that may be right outside my window more times than I know-all I have to do is look.

Here’s to finding the simple thing today that takes your breath away-if only for a second. Or, makes you smile-forgetting that long list of dry and dull that keeps you busy.


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