Who’da Thunk

First order of business–dinner.  I made a pan fried polenta with “better than cream cheese” (tofu), fresh garlic, coarse ground pepper, saffron salt and a dash of cayenne.  Kinda like grits on steroids and it hit the spot.  The small glass of red wine I had with it didn’t hurt either.  MM, mm.

Second order of business–my day.  I feel a little bit like a kid in a candy store (they had candy) and that I got to have recess for about six hours. I’m just sayin’, it is hard to beat what I got to do today.

I couple of weeks back I was invited to participate in an event that would help develop new initiatives for an organization in Grand Rapids, MI called WMCAT (West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology).  This is a place worth checking out!  They touch, impact and change the lives of youth and adults living in poverty and expand the horizon of hope.  What a privilege to spend time with the leadership of this organization-the passion and compassion are inspiring and invigorating! They partnered with Keller Futures Center, an organization dedicated to the concept of  ‘design thinking’ and its practical application to the unique situations in the world around us, for a three day seminar to ‘grow it forward’.  That is my term so it probably isn’t perfect but I feel it encapsulates what has been happening in that room so far.

The conference room we meet in is filled with some of the most innovative, passionate individuals I have had the privilege of meeting;  members of WMCAT, their board and innovative and brilliant minds from around west Michigan.  How I got in the mix, I have no idea but don’t tell anyone because I can not wait for tomorrow’s session and I don’t want them to catch on!

I am a relative new comer to ‘design thinking’ but have done some research and championed a design intensive after school program at my previous position.  Something I would like to see happen more places btw!  Anyway-this is, perhaps, my second exposure and first participation and I am loving every second of it.  I am, by nature,  a synthesizer of info and a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to the sticky note concept (I find it a bit messy for my tastes) but the anticipation of day three, when we get to do the brainstorming/problem solving aspect, is going to make it hard to sleep tonight.  My brain is already churning with ideas…

So, all this being said-if you aren’t acquainted with these organizations, please take a moment to check them out.  I am off to try and wear off the caffeine and sugar buzz that is lingering (did I mention they had candy?)-have a great night!





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