Breathing Fresh Air

It is 8:49 and I am not at work-not in the traditional sense at any rate.  Today I am unemployed.  This was a radical choice on my part and a decision that did not come easy but became necessary.  I had the great fortune to work for an amazing organization in its development phase-an experience that created an exponential growth spurt in my life.

When I accepted the director’s position I was taking it on faith that God would step in and do the necessary work because I was so NOT equipped for this role.  He did that and more-way more.  However, just as I had the ‘push’ to accept the job I also felt that same ‘push’ to let it go.  Nuts? Yeah. Economically wise? Probably not. A guided decision? You bet.  Do I know what comes next? Oh, heck no.  All I know is that I am breathing the fresh air of change this morning and that I am going to bake a Thanksgiving pie sometime today.  It feels good.

I am reading a great book right now- Plan B by Pete Wilson.  I have been slowly working  my way through it as I have been processing the transition I am experiencing.  The tagline for the book is “What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Though He Would” but I really purchased it for the idea of a Plan B.  Wilson offers some great insights and some very practical advice and I highly recommend it (I have the Nook version and love the fact that I can read it on my phone too! ).  I am pretty sure that Plan B could be called Plan C, D, E, and on…

I have learned to accept the fact that I cannot anticipate, expect or plan for whatever it is that God intends for me-the only thing I know to be true is that I need to be willing to say yes.  Even when I might be feeling a big fat NO.  I am pretty sure that God has his plan-and will use whatever means he feels best to accomplish that plan-scripture is filled with situations and experiences that defied expectations.  I also have no doubt that He shows up consistently-it is what he expects of us that is unexpected-and that can be the challenge. Leave a stable job-sure no problem-I was expecting that…ummm, no. In the big picture aspect a job is no biggie but something that it is nice to have around for things like paying bills and mortgages and buying groceries.

So, I am watching the wind blow at the remaining tenacious leaves clinging to their gray branches. Just let go already because you are so not going to win this battle little guy….  Me?  I am going to finish my tea, head to the store and grab what I need to make pie and wait for His next move.  I am not sure what plan letter I am on for my life but I am grateful that He has a plan A that will never fail.


Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Susan, it’s all you can do is breathe, live in the moment and trust God will take care of you. I say that daily. God Bless.

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