If a tree falls in my blog and no one is there to read about it-did it really fall?

Be still…shhhhh….listen.  Do you hear it?  No? Me  either. Did you read about it? Nope.  I didn’t write anything.  I am pretty sure there has been nothing happening on this blog other than cyber spiders building webs ( no pun intended) and electronic crickets doing their thing.

In this topsy turvy work-a-day world I inhabit there remains little time to write on my blog(or anywhere else for that matter) and it is taking it’s toll.  Drafting documents and dodging excel sheets is slowly becoming second nature and the creative outlets I accessed before lie fallow at my desk.  The analytical practicality of grant writing leaves little room for eloquence and the turn of an expressive phrase.  Even my studio has become an echo chamber.  How do I find my balance?

OK, so this is a totally self indulgent rant but it does have a purpose…I am sincerely hoping for some sort of advice that will help me accomplish a bit of balance in my life (besides signing up for a yoga class…which I just did). With two blank canvases and a pile of blank paper (not to mention the blank blog) I need to find some method to help me get to a place where I can work and still get my real (art) work done.  Any ideas???


2 Replies to “If a tree falls in my blog and no one is there to read about it-did it really fall?”

  1. Ben Shahn said, “An amateur is someone who supports himself with outside jobs which enable him to paint. A professional is someone whose wife works to enable him to paint.” I am a professional artist; my wife gets up at 5AM and gets home at 8PM. She is the saint in my story and, without her, I might still be an artist, but I would accomplish very little. This is not advice, it is the reality of a world that undervalues what you create. We are working to turn the world, but it is a heavy world to turn. Keep faith in the heavy lifting and know there are people out here that will patiently wait for your creations.

    1. Oh, Michael. Your eloquence has me fighting tears. You possess such talent and the world-heavy as it is-is better and more beautiful because of you! Thank you-

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