In that moment…

So, it has been brought to my attention-numerous times-that I have not been blogging.  Yeah. This is true (it has been more than a month-not cool).  Here’s the thing-I have a day job now-which, aside from occupying the majority of my lucid time, keeps my mind out of the creative realm and leaves me like a useless lump of day old oatmeal when I have free time to spare.  This may sound harsh but I have learned that finding the balance between full time work and life is difficult to navigate and, unfortunately, work often gets the upper hand.

I have made a very conscious effort  (or at least an attempt) to  force some creative time into my day old oatmeal time.  I came across an opportunity to participate in a live art experience-which typically  isn’t my prescribed comfort zone-and thought I would give it a go.  Much to my amazement, and to my delight, I had a fantastic time!  Thanks to two entrepreneurial young men-Josh B. and Josh M.-for creating SPACE and for giving me a spot in their first event (well done by the way-bravo!).

Official flyer for our first event!

The concept is simple and pretty cool (in my opinion).  Josh and Josh locate empty properties and work with owners and developers to showcase the spaces in one night events that make them available and open to the public.  These events feature live music and artists creating on site.  It is really a win-win for everyone involved–the developers get exposure for their available property, the musicians and artists are given the opportunity to do what they do best and gain exposure as well.

Last night was the first event and featured artists from the area and Syts (you gotta click on his name to hear his work-simply amazing!) playing original music.  His variation on Pachabel’s canon  provided me with that one moment-and some of you know what that is-when creation, environment and the  loss of time fuse and allow you to become completely lost.  My piece was an installation piece that has been begging for release for nearly three years and it finally fell into its place–all in that one moment.  A rare gift.  In fact, my heart fills each time I think about it and it serves as a deep reminder of what I am at the core of who I am.  I may have a day job, a house to keep clean, a yard to weed and the list could go on but at the base of it all-I was reminded last night that I am an artist and I am so grateful for that. Sniff. This is verging on sappy but-seriously-I haven’t created for six months and it was affecting every aspect of my day old oatmeal life.

Now, I only wish I had pictures to post!  I did photograph my completed piece but due to my lack of planning I don’t have my camera here…which just means I have to do another post-and sooner rather than later.  So, there you have it.  Period. Nothing profound or pithy on my part today-just a simple truth about the difference a single moment can make.  I have a small collection of these moments that I keep close and this will be one of those.  I hope for each of you is that you find the one perfect moment when it all comes together to remind you of what is real. As for me? Well, I have a yard to weed and plants that need planting.

‘Till next time…back to the oatmeal…

OH-and if you get the chance to check it out SPACE will be hosting two more events this summer with different line-ups each time-check it out. You won’t be disappointed 😀


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  1. Thanks for letting me know about it. The event was great! I loved watching your process as you created. Very inspiring, thought provoking and definitely a crowd engaging piece!! Bravo to you!

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