After the train…

That silent moment immediately following the final pull of the train’s tailwind-the rumble fades and hair floats like so many feathers falling around my head. Still, silent, floating-if only for a moment. I am riveted to the ground and never want to move from this spot. Life happened here.

I have always wanted to write that line but never seemed to find a reason to put it down-at least where others could read it.  Stopping to think about this I realize that this does apply-and, if I am totally honest, more frequently than I recognize.  I guess what this means is that I am an experience junky-I love to try new things-see things from a different perspective-go different places-taste different foods and feel stifled by the ordinary.  I am addicted to the ‘pull of train’s tailwind”, the full on rumble that vibrates your teeth and makes you think-just for a second-that you could be pulled under…

This is all fine and good but the result of all that looking for something different is that I fail to see the significance of what happens after the hair stops floating. Yeah, life just happened during that moment-but it continues to happen the moment after that-just like it happened before the train even showed up.  Often I am so busy being busy that I fail to comprehend exactly what is going on around me.  I am constantly waiting for life to get exciting or to do something that is on my ‘bucket list’ so that it has real meaning.

This morning I made a conscious choice to stay home, get quiet and attempt to focus on simply breathing, being, drinking my coffee and considering what a gift a day can be. Wow, two by four moment-smack!!-I have discovered sabbath!  I am no stranger to the concept I have heard about it, read about it, been admonished to honor it but can now say I have experienced it-however accidentally.  Cool.

This experience is new to me, not what I would call breathtaking-but more along the lines of breath taking-or simply the act of taking breath. Is this what God had in mind when he created sabbath? And, why is it so hard to do?  When my week is consumed with busy-ness and my weekend is spent getting caught up on all the tasks and chores that had to wait because of that busy-ness-all too often sabbath is not high on my to-do list. That moment to rest-to pray-to breath-to release is a precious gift and He knows we need it-even though we might not realize it.  Perhaps the idea of sabbath doesn’t rattle the teeth but it needs to happen just the same-and I need to be aware of and, more importantly, be grateful for every second of it.

I wish you a good sabbath-take breath and take time to recharge and release-it is a gift He wants us to have.



6 Replies to “After the train…”

  1. you really stumbled on it, didn’t you? it is such a gift to relax, to breathe, to contemplate, to be grateful, to be alone or with friends, to regroup and refresh and renew. i’m so happy for you that you found it. blessings.

  2. I so agree! I feel so in need of a sabbath day: to be slow, to sip tea, to read, to rest to just be me! hope you had a lovely day in amongst all the busy-ness . . . 🙂


    1. It was wonderful-I wish I could do it more often! My time is stretched so far right now but I think that is why it was particularly refreshing! Hope all is well with you Amelia 😉

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