Poor, poor, pitiful blog

My poor blog.  I miss you my friend.  I also feel like I owe you an apology. Sorry.

Finding balance in my daily life has become a constant struggle and it has made me very aware of all the things I really enjoyed about my old life!  I feel I should offer a disclaimer before I continue in order to justify a little whining without giving the impression that I am complaining.  All I am saying is that there was a before before there was an after and that that before had some cool stuff going on (was that enough double word usage for ya?)

Ahhh, the old days-I cooked then, I cleaned regularly…then, I had time to exercise…I was an artist back then…back then, I read, wrote and blogged. Now? Cooking? out. Cleaning? sort of out. Exercise?  don’t make me laugh. Art? don’t make me cry. Reading, writing and blogging? out. out. and out.  If I didn’t think what I was doing was so friggin’ cool I think I could walk away merely because I am slowly letting go of some of those things that made life beautiful for me.

Want to hear something funny-or perhaps it is ironic–I don’t even have time to tweet. I am lucky if I can write those 146  little characters twice a week-and I have totally lost that pithy edge.  I really don’t even have time to be writing right now!  Want to know what I am really doing?  Trying to stay awake long enough to go back to work!  This will be fun though-let me explain…

As the organization I am working for nears its official opening date-a lot has been happening.  In the last week the ceramics studio has been installed, a classroom is under construction, our landline and internet has been installed and our spring catalogue has hit the pavement-pretty cool beans!  With all this activity going on the building has become a dusty, dirty work zone mess and some cool kids from a local youth group are coming to clean it from top to bottom so we can have an important meeting on site this Friday.  With brownies and cake in hand I am going to offer my thanks and support for the the amazing service they are doing for us!  Way cool.

With that, I have made my goal-I am still awake and it is almost time to go-especially since I just realized I used the word cool three times in the last paragraph.  That’s my cue that it is time to cut and run-



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  1. After I finished undergrad and started adjunct teaching I found myself in the same quandary. Trying to get a piece of work done between the little things in life was huge and forget about the faculty show, I was always painting until the last minute. Welcome to working life.

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