I love ice fishing! (not really)

Not that I have anything against ice fishing-it is just one of those things I would never choose to do-no matter how much I wanted to impress a guy.  What I love about ice fishing is the still small silence of the morning when my hubby GOES ice fishing!

I awoke to stillness and quiet with the knowledge that I didn’t have to get up and deal with the stress of work-or even have to think about work.  I could savor the morning and linger in my robe and enjoy a cup of tea…leisurely.  I have my list of all those things that need to be done because there was no time during the week -but for a few quiet moments I could float in knowing the day is spread before me–and all mine. Well, sort of-there is that to-do list that looms before me…meh…it can wait a few minutes.

This has been a difficult week and my continued absence from creative work is wearing on me.  My studio sits fallow and I am feeling woefully undernourished as a creative-which, in turn, affects my attitude. Not too cool.  I keep telling my self that it is only a season but the artist in me is not buying it. I will probably feed it some chocolate and good coffee in a little while as a pacifier-we’ll see if it works.  In the mean time I have a house to clean, laundry to do and errands to run…weekends need an extra day to be sure!

I did want to post a few more wedding pictures before I started to tango with my new vacuum.  I love looking back at these because the feeling of celebration is so tangible for me.  As always, the images are courtesy of Colin Wade Photography.  These are in no particular order-just a few shots for fun.  Next time maybe I’ll post some images from the photo booth!  Think boas, silly hats, funky glasses and tons of fun!

On the outside looking in…a view from across the street


The grooms parents helping with prep before the wedding.  The wine is a gift for the happy couple.

I love this shot!  It was one of those last moments before the busy-ness of the wedding…still tugs at my heart.

OK, enough procrastinating-time to get grab the to-do list by the.. um..well, just grab it and get to work.  I have a shiny new vacuum-a surprise from my hubby.  He brought it home yesterday and announced (with a smile) “Happy Birthday!”.  I immediately informed him that my birthday wasn’t for three weeks and by the way-I don’t think so.   I am pretty sure he was teasing (he needed a vacuum for his office and thought he would get me a new one and take our old one-which I thought was nice!) but lest he forget-no, nice try, but-no.


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  1. Oh Susan…that last picture made me cry…
    For so many reasons.
    I’m having such trouble with my daughters…and I wonder if I’ll ever have a moment…a vision……like that.
    These pictures give me hope. And fervent prayers for my children…
    Thank you…

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