A taste of wedding cake

As promised-quite awhile ago now- a few snazzy snaps from my daughters wedding!  But only a few-I only have a moment to post so this will be quick.  I’ll try to get a longer one up soon but in the meantime…here ya go!

From l to r: Adam, Jennie, Juan, Laura, Matt, Casie

Front and center!

Now that’s more like it

I cry every time I see this one…

Time for the toast!


With dozens and dozens of photos from the talented www.colinwadephotography.com it is hard to choose!  Not to mention the amazing photo booth shots that captured the best and worst of all of us!!  Yes friends, there is even a picture of me wearing a beard!  Rumor has it that there might be a few shots of the wedding crashers…

Once I get a moment to to go through some more images I will add a few here and there-until then hope these have given you a glimpse into our little boutique wedding!

For now, I need to get back to the laundry and reality!


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    1. Thanks! It was an amazing wedding-hard to describe in a short post but thought I’d at least get a few pics up. Hey-your encaustic was great by the way!

  1. Susan this wedding looks so beautiful and I know you and Laura worked so hard getting it together. She looks so pretty and happy, and the tears are happy ones too 🙂

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