On the Quiet and the Chaos…

The sun is washing across the surface of the frozen snow casting needle like shadows from the barren trees.  Quit prevails in this morning white and I am feeling so grateful for the gift of day.  Where the ice thins out to glassine thin-ness the water ripples on in its busy pursuit of the next open space.  A squirrel hopping from branch to branch, high above the solid whiteness, dislodges micro-snowballs sending them raining down and disappearing into the not so solid white. This friends is my morning.

As I sit at my morning table and just look, I am reflecting on the flurry (no snow pun intended) of activity that has defined my last few weeks.  This chilled stillness is a welcomed break and I feel like I can breathe for the first time in weeks. In a blink, as a testament to how quickly things change, the sun has disappeared and is replaced by falling snow.  I am still just breathing slowing, trying to absorb the quiet so I can save it for a future time.  I could sit here all day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury!  The holiday decorations, now dusty and tired, need to be packed away until next time and the house awaits its ritual January clean.  My list is long and I am doing my best not to loose my quiet feeling but slowly it is being replaced by the buzz of necessity.  Saturday takes on a whole new meaning when the rest of your days are accounted for!  After my first full week of full time work I am missing my ‘time’ and attempting to learn an entirely new way of living.  I also miss my friends-the ones I have gotten to know so well online-and, I miss my blog too!  There are so many posts floating around in my head but no time to get them down.

I still need to post wedding pics-waiting on the photographer for what I know will be beautiful shots.  In the meantime I will give you a tease with some snaps that were taken by my daughters friend Matt (who wielded my camera with enthusiasm!).

The cake, made by yours truly, sits surrounded by sweets prepared by the loving hands of friends is all vegan.  Wait until you see the savories!

This is a close up of the wall decorations we used-and adored.  The sparkle of the tea lights lining the brick walls added just the right touch to the atmosphere.  These fantastic little tea light holders and  test tube vases were found at one of our favorite places- CB2.  Unbelievably affordable at $1.95 for the candle holders and $2.95 for the vases, we purchased enough to line the walls.  OK, before I get carried and start spilling all about the wedding I think I better move on….

The other thing I need to do is discuss my job!  It has been a (somewhat) smooth transition.  I feel a tug in my gut when I think of my art work lying fallow but I am praying it is only for a season.  I know I am where I am suppose to be-God has been faithful in pointing that out to me-AND, I am humbled at the task he has put before me. I am the  program director for a brand new non-profit, arts based organization.  The official title is CultureWorks Institute for Creative Arts.  My mind spins at all the possibilities for what this might mean!  I will post more later, but for now I just needed to let you in on what I am doing.

The dusty holiday accouterments can wait no more.  I promised myself that ten a.m. would be my target time to get to work and it is getting close.  The sun has returned to its perch and the room is once again filled with light-time to enjoy my favorite holiday crooners, with candles and twinkle lights for one last time…

Enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. Beautiful post Susan and beautiful pics. Mat the rest of your day be filled with beautiful peace and happiness. Congratulations on the job, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

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