Wedding bells and time clocks…

With everything from holiday trimmings to wedding planning interwoven into daily life I figured it would be a good (?) time to throw a little more energy in the mix! In truth, I didn’t plan it this way but things have a way of developing their own schedules.  Just when I didn’t think I could add another iron to the fire, I have a new job.

While I am adapting to the idea and taking some deep breaths, my mind is churning with ideas and plans (not that I have ever had a lack of those!).  I will also be adapting to working a regular full time day-which for someone who spreads out a workday over the full 24 hours-it will be an adjustment to be sure!  I will give you more details later as things get under way but I needed to work through a few things before I got to…well…work!

I am facing this new direction with gratitude although it is tinged with a bit of wistfulness.  It means many changes for the direction of my life, my art and, of course, my time.  I will be setting aside the tools of my trade in order to encourage others to pick theirs up.  Don’t get me wrong-this is pretty cool beans-but  taking what  has been my main occupation for a long time and packing it away, saving it for special occasions or those times when I am unexpectedly at a lack for something to do (does that happen?) does give me pause.  It may also mean that my time to blog will be at a premium.  Perhaps being so busy with wedding preparations and the holidays is a good way to segue into the busy-ness of this new position (?!).

I do know-for a fact-one of the most difficult things to reconcile will be the wardrobe (and leaving my cozy space-I know that is two but they are deeply-deeply connected).  I am sitting in my favorite big chair-wrapped in my favorite robe-big fuzzy socks and all-warm and snuggly-gazing out at a pristine thick blanket of snow just outside of my window. Perched precariously on the arm of my chair is my gigundo (is too a word) mug of steaming aromatic coffee and parked next to that is the healthy and very purple smoothie my amazing daughter made me.  Aside from tempting the fates by balancing these concoctions on a curved surface-and a puffy one at that-this whole scenario is merely tempting!  I am pretty sure I won’t be allowed to do this in an office environment! I may try when no one is looking-but I can guarantee it won’t be the same. Maybe I should request a robe hook on the back of my door? I bet that would be well received-don’t you?

Kidding aside-I am looking forward to sharing the adventure I am about to embark on…exciting stuff!

Now, before I forget-there is a wedding going on around here.  We have all been buzzing around checking off item after item on our list–I mean seriously-if you were to put an ear to our door you would hear a low hum like a beehive!  Yesterday the bouquet was ordered, the headpiece was found (gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and totally 30’s chic) at Bella Donna Boutique and the plates and utensils  for the reception at Greenfeeta great spot to find eco-conscious products.  As a side note-we are shooting for  low impact products using vintage glass punch cups for the cocktails, mason jars (for the drinks of a more brewed persuasion) and home made cloth napkins to accent the bamboo plates and birchwood forks!  I can hardly wait to share more-but will refrain for now-save it for another post *wink*

Sending you all some holiday love-may the light of this season reach to your heart and make you smile…


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    1. Thanks Jan-It is exciting! I am holding my breath anticipating the ‘letting go’ of what I do now but I know there are good things in store with this direction too.

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