Ushering in the season(s)

The season’s are upon us!!  I use the plural because-having a propensity for celebrations-we have the traditional holiday season under way (almost wrote weigh considering  celebratory consumption has commenced) but we have the wedding season in full swing as well.  As we gathered around our Thanksgiving table we had visions of sugarplums

and wedding decorations while confusing our seasonal carols ala Here Comes the Figgy Pudding and Santa Claus is Coming to Town-All Dressed in White. And, of course, it made perfect sense to be stuffing ourselves with pie while wondering how we (translated ‘I’) are (am) going to fit into our nuptial best.  It won’t do for the M.O.B. to look like a Macy’s inflatable-I do NOT want the ushers to be renamed balloon handlers.  Must. Have. Control.

Thanksgiving wasn’t totally lost in the mix though-in fact, I think this years will be remembered as one of my favorites.  It was a relaxed day spent cooking side by side with my daughter and her fiance while awaiting the arrival of my oldest son from his military training along with his wife (their first T-giving) and the enthusiasm of my college senior youngest playing ‘Tanks’ on my Wii-obsessively-until midnight-with my nephew(who’s in med school)-and still didn’t beat it.

I have been guilty of lamenting the loss of my children’s childhood-missing the energy and wonder of little ones underfoot during the holidays.  This Thanksgiving showed me the deep richness of family experienced from a more mature perspective.  It is strange-at least for me-to assume that matriarchal position while the next generation embarks on their own adventures, growing their own traditions.  I found it sweet, very, very sweet-which may have had something to do with the champagne cognac cocktails we were drinking (but I don’t think so). Besides, little feet pattering around won’t always be an echo from a memory-there is always the hope of grandchildren! (hint, hint)

In my book, this was a beautiful way to welcome in the holiday season (s) with the planning, the decorating and the celebrations ahead.  The next few weeks will be hectic and filled with excitement (and more cocktails…) and I will do my best to stay in touch!  I hope the coming days and weeks are filled with all the good things the holidays have to offer-so, from my house to yours-Blessings and Joy to you and yours…


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