Bells will be ringin’…

No sad Christmas song here though…these are wedding bells!  The announcement has been made and my only daughter is engaged AND planning to be wed by the end of the year!  Whew-I am always up for a challenge so this should be fun!  The excitement of the proposal is still crackling in the air and we have already scored our first bargains in our budget conscious pursuit of the DIY dream wedding.

The first item to be checked off the wedding list is the gown!  My girl has simple and elegant taste and her choice of dress was quick, beautiful and spot on.  JCrew-we love you…


Lu fell in love with this dress the second she saw it so we took a deep breath and ordered it.  Drum roll pleaaasssseee…..originally $395.00, this gorgeous silk dress was on sale for $69.99 AND that’s not all…we got an extra 30% off for a final cost of…wait for it…. $48.00 (cymbal crash is appropriate here!).  Ordering online can be risky and we kept our fingers crossed as we waited for it to arrive. I’ll admit that I was a bit incredulous when I found it sitting outside the front door in an unexpectedly small parcel and held my breath as I unwrapped it. Once it was freed from its plastic and paper the dress cascaded fluidly down from my hands and I knew she would flip when she saw it in person for the first time.  When she was able to slip it on it was breathtaking to see her pivot and pose-the gown  looks like it was made for her.

I should add that I was able to find my dress as well-for a whopping $41.00 (originally $295.00).

I think I can safely say we are off to a great start in our wedding planning.  We are working on the invites today-Wedding Paper Diva’s are top notch in their selection and prices and I think Lu has found what she was hoping for!  I’ll give you a sneak peek once the final selection is decided on 😉

I can’t wait to see what we find next!  Happy Tuesday y’all–I am off to bargain hunt….


6 Replies to “Bells will be ringin’…”

  1. Does she need very very inexpensive earrings too?
    (hint hint)
    Congratulations dear one!
    That dress is divine! And so was the price!

    1. I already have the ones I want picked out so I may be in touch 😉 Don’t worry-you are on my list of go to’s for her to check out!! Thanks for the congrats-it will be a whirlwind the next few weeks but it will all be soooooo good!

  2. Susan, congratulations to both you and your daughter. Love the dress and the price. The dress looks like the one my older sister wore on her wedding. Beautiful.


  3. OMG So exciting!!! Congratulations to you and your baby girl!! It sounds like everything is coming together perfectly, how wonderful! I think quick is the way to go – no time to second guess yourself. Best to you all in this very special time!!

    1. It is SO exciting! It will be amazingly fun to pull this all together-can’t wait to share more 🙂 Thanks for the congrats-it means so much to me! S.

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