Giveaway at Johanna Parker Design!

I answered a question at Beth Nichols blog Do What You Love Love What You Do earlier today about why I chose the name I did for my own blog.  It is simple-whenever there is something I love, or feel is deserving of attention I usually say ‘It is SO worth it’ (my kids informed me I say this-I was completely unaware).  As I mulled over what to name my blog (after a few poor choices) I decided this was the most authentic and something I could get behind!  It is great to write about people, things, events-whatever it is-that I think demonstrates the highest quality of whatever it happens to be.  To this point I would like to introduce you to Johanna Parker Design.

I have followed her work for a while now and just enjoy her designs tremendously.  She is so creative and her work evokes nostalgia and childhood pleasure-at least for me.  Her Christmas and Halloween designs are knockouts and if you have a free minute you should head on over to her blog and have a gander.  It isn’t very often that I create a post in the hopes of winning something (I did it once before and it just didn’t feel right)  but this is an exception–mostly because I am inviting competition AND her work is so  amazing that it is really worth featuring!  I am sharing this so that you too can have the opportunity to enter and win. (I am getting nothing for this plug-I just love her work that much!)


Johanna is giving away this chilly and charming snowman candy cane stand-just visit her blog and leave a comment for your chance to win this little fellow for your holiday collection.  You can also follow her blog or join her mailing list for additional chances in the draw.  He’s also a bit of a celebrity!  He was featured in Phyllis Hoffman’s Celebrate, the Christmas issue and took center stage on page 9!

So, as much as I hate the added competition *wink* hop on over to Johanna’s blog for your chance to welcome this guy home for the holidays!  Go ahead- hop on over to–you know you want to!!

Good luck!!


4 Replies to “Giveaway at Johanna Parker Design!”

  1. Thank so much for sharing the story of your blog name in response to my post. Such a great name!

  2. Hi Susan, how are you? Thanks for stopping by and the lovley comments.

    Love Beth’s blog and what a nice plug you did for Johanna Parker – will have to pop over and have a look 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by Amelia! I am inspired by everything you are doing-it’s no wonder your blog is one of note!! (congrats for that!)

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