Dusting off the puppy…

I am pretty pumped this morning-I just found out I will be dusting off one of my favorite paintings for and exhibition!  It doesn’t happen very often that there is space for a 25 foot painting so I am excited.  A couple of years back I was doing a lot of work using bar code and DNA references and have recently revisited the idea.  I am a bit of a research geek and love to dive into the complexities of code and biology and this was one of the early pieces.

Just so you know-the thermostats located between the 6th and 7th panels are NOT a part of it but they add a nice touch-don’t you think?  All kidding aside, this piece is encaustic and is titled Of Mice and Men.

Engraved in the surface is the co-mingled genomic code of a mouse and a man.  The bar code itself actually ‘says’ DNA.  Someday, I would like to do the full “deoxyribonucleic acid” but it would-literally-fill an entire gallery with nothing but these panels (If anyone is willing to host it-I am willing to make it-FYI!).  So, I will be getting out the ladder and dusting this puppy off 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. Magnificent seems such a small word for this piece of art, but it’s all I could mutter. Even at the highest resolution, I wanted to get closer. This captures one of my main rules for great art: Great art makes a strong initial impact, yet the layers of texture and content emerge only with close inspection. Tempt from across the room and reward those who draw near.

    1. Michael-your words gave me chills! To hear such nice things come from such a talented artist-who I admire- is deeply touching. Thank you

  2. Congratulations once again Susan. You’re one heck of an artist and I wholeheartedly think you are your own success! Nice work, I forgot all about this one. Congrats again!

  3. Susan,

    I love this piece! Before I read what it was, I thought is was the black piano keys using the light wall as the rest of them. I’m like Michael and Jennifer and want to get close and see and touch these!!

    Congratulations on your show!


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