Allow me to introduce you…

I am excited today!  Not only is it Friday, I am doing something different (again!) and introducing you to someone I have enjoyed getting to know.  She is a talented artist, graphic designer, mom and all around amazing creative.  Some of you may recognize her work and for those of you who don’t-you are in for a treat…

A hearty WELCOME! goes out to–drum roll puhleeeezzee…..

Laurie Jacobsen!

Laurie has just entered into the world of blogs and I thought it would be fun to invite her over to share a bit about herself and her work.  So, here goes!

Laurie-thank you so much for stopping by today! Tell us a little about you…

I am the 42-year-old mother of Danielle and wife of Wayne – I guess I always define myself by my family first.  I have a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Arizona in Tucson, which is where I currently live. I love to take photographs and read, aside from all of the artsy-fartsy stuff. I am also really enjoying the creative process of writing for my blog.

This is a photo that I took while on a recent trip to Italy with my husband. I love playing around with photos after I’ve taken them to make them look just like I want.

How did you get started in your art pursuits?

That’s a good question. I try to think back to the first things I did as a kid and honestly, the first experience with art that I remember having a child with art was in therapy at the age of seven.  The counselor had me draw pictures of my family and our house, other things. It really became solace for me – going to the therapist and drawing. I remember asking her if I should draw the picture with or without my sister in it, because she had passed away. She said that I should draw it however it felt right to me. I have never forgotten that.

I feel the same way about art and creating now – it’s really solace and emotional for me.  I’m not the kind of person who gets up and paints every day like it’s work or like an automaton – I must produce!!  No, for me it’s way more about doing what feels good when it feels good – it might be paining one day and knitting another.

You got your BFA in Visual Communication, what was the greatest lesson you took away from your experience in school?

My art school was very concept-based as opposed to skills-based, so I suppose the major thing that I came away with was that if you start with a good concept for a piece it will have more depth, make more sense, and probably be more interesting. Not to say that non-conceptual based art isn’t interesting, but design without concept can tend to fall flat, I think.

I’ve really enjoyed some of the freelance stuff that I’ve done since graduation.  I spent the summer working on e-books for artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. I’ll say that doing design work for an artist was a blast – the best of both worlds, and she is an absolute doll so it was a hoot.

What do you find most gratifying about your artistic practice?

I’m going to answer this by saying that it is really rewarding when someone is touched by your stuff.  I love hearing the stories that people tell about how something you did meant so much to them or a loved one.  That is super special to me.

This question showed up in a blog tour I was part of and I thought it was great and wanted to ask you…what is the one word that best describes you? How does this word impact your art?

Feeling.  I think just about everything that I do comes from some place of deep feelings.

On your blog you mentioned you would like to ‘learn absolutely everything’ as a multi-media artist.  What is next for you?

When I got to art school I had a really hard time choosing classes because I wanted to take everything and left there not having taken many of the 3-D courses that I would have loved to have taken, such as fibers and sculpture. I’m trying to make up for that now.

Next up for me is a class by Stephanie Lee in metalsmithing.  To be completely honest with you, I have no idea what that means, but I know that there is fire and pounding with a hammer involved and I am all in!!  I also can’t wait to see how I can incorporate it into my art.

Thank you so much, Susan for having me on your blog. I am really honored.

Please take a moment to visit Laurie’s soulful and fun blog at ~you won’t be disappointed!!

Thanks again Laurie!