Busy is good

I have been away from blogging for a week or more or, more like weeks. I think I made the doleful mistake of beginning something (introducing characters) and then suffering the sudden onset of character ennui(they couldn’t have cared less that I wanted them to interact). HA-joke was on me-I guess I wasn’t meant to meander into the realm of fiction. I am not ready to toss in the towel, just yet, but I did need to find something to do to occupy my creative fidgets.

It was back to the studio for me for a long over due overhaul of my space and a quick visit with my encaustics.  The result being that I can now navigate my space without potential risk to life and limb AND I can get at my blow torch-oh yeah, I am happy again!


Have a great Tuesday!

(BTW-these images are Encaustic on Panel and I had some glare issues but hopefully you get the gist)


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